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Here's a challenge for everyone in the world of Fanfiction.

Naruto x DxD: Issei gets sent to the world of Naruto

This timeline will be set after Issei's fight with Shalba and the giant monsters in DxD time.

As for the Naruto time it will be set during Nagato's training under Jiraiya. Issei being a devil will not age.

Issei will survive and live as a ninja until Naruto and the others are born and become teenagers.

Issei will have a Harem and Naruto will NOT get a single girl.

How you send Issei to the world of Naruto and go on about the story will be up to you.

Issei must get back to his own world, taking everyone in his harem with him!

Anyone that can make this challenge a reality will get a cyber cookie.

If you accept any of these challenges please inform me as I want to read how people react to it.

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