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Hi! My username is ELLYNie_pooh . Don't ask why my name is like that...

Name: Ellyn

Last name: (I'm not allowed to tell)


Age: Secret :P (Under 13)

Personality:Creative, a little shy, Random, Kind, Lazy, Sometime hardworking(Arts and crafts) Mostly just plain Random.

Hates: Wearing overly designed frilly dresses(Plain ones r OK), too much homework, People getting angry at me, Sad news, Boring class


Food:Carbonara and anything(not really anything) that starts with a C except crabs, celery, cabbage, and maybe stuff which I don't know about...

Shows/Anime: Adventure time, Shugo Chara, Fairy tail, Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show, ANYTHING RANDOM!!

Color: Pink(but I'm nt frilly or girly -.-)

Fav Pairings:Flinn(Adventure time, although they r nt together anymore) , Tadamu (Shugo Chara), Jerza(fairy tail) and i don't hav any other pairings tht r my fav. right now. :P

Pairings I'm ok with: anything(Adventure time, unless it's the same gender which is weird to me... Srry...)

KairixYaya/KukaixYaya/KukaixUtau/NagihikoxRima/ any(as long as it doesn't interfere with tadamu -_-) and a little of amuto but it kinda breaks my fangirly ness inside but I used to be an amuto fan but I saw A LOT of hurtful comments to tadamu fans from amuto and that they say Tadase was gay which is bad. I DONT LIKE PEOPLE CALLING OTHER PEOPLE GAY! Unless the person whom they r calling gay says tht he/she is proud of it... XD

Nalu, Gale, Gruvia, MirajanexFreed(I dunno the pairing name) and others( Too lazy to think)

i also like animals :3

Shugo Charas:

Name: Flaire

Desire:To become more artistic

Looks- Orange Hair, Red Orange eyes, yellow shirt with red skirt, black jacket,white boots, Ponytail with a pencil in a heart in a diamond clip

Likes:Drawing and crafting


Egg: Yellow egg with a Black stripe across the middle, on the stripe is a pencil on a heart on a Diamond(Like the clip) beside it are Diamonds,outside of the stripe is a pattern of a heart and a diamond and a pencil(both up and down)

Character Transform: Flaring Art


Desire: To become more Fangirly and active and confident

Looks: Blonde short hair with bangs, Pink Eyes,white headphones on the ears(Kinda), Blue jacket, white t-shirt, Pink skirt, black school shoes with knee high socks

Likes:Shouting and parties

Dislikes: Quiet

Egg: Pink Egg with a stripe across the middle, on the stripe is a Speaker/trumpet(it looks like a party hat making sound) beside it are streamers, Outside the stripe are lighter pink balloons and blue balloons (up and down)

Character Transform: Music Art


Desire: To become braver

Looks: Dark brown long Hair,Blue eyes, Necklace with a Square, Short Strapless Black Shirt(Dunno wat u call it, more like what Amu wears in her Character transform), Grey skirt, Black Boots

Likes:Cool and kind of gothic

Dislikes: Frilly and Girly stuff(but skirts are ok)

Egg: Violet egg with a stripe across the middle with a square in the middle(Don't ask me why a square) and squares beside it. Outside the stripe is a squiggly line then a circle pattern (up and down again)

Character Transform: Brave Art(i couldn't think of anything else XD)

Ok... Those r all my OC charas... DERP. Anyways. I like saying meow but I like dogs better which is weird. And I also like saying DERP and I like RANDOMNESS! and a little of fluff(but sometimes a lot of it) ok, that's all until I make a story In here instead of Wattpad. :P

if you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible, it says if you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of Heaven.

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