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Hello guys, Neko's here...

Fuu... It's been a while since I updated my profile, to the people that visited me I'm really sorry for the lame intro that I had written before.

Let's begin once again shall we... As you can see my pen name is Neko Nishiriu. The inspiration when I chose this as my pen name is quite lousy. Neko, simply because I love cats... And Nishiriu, the word 'Riu' came from a character in a short manga that I love.

Lately, I had been busy with my exam and part time job so I took sometime off the fanfic for a while since I didn't have any idea on what to write.

For now I'm focusing on finishing the series LOVE which had been on hiatus for a while. I'm thinking of having another person to be Masaki's rival for Tatsuya's affection. Status of the next chapter if halfway complete.

Since I'm currently in groove for Akb49, I'm writing a series just for it. Well to tell all of you the truth, the story archives only had two stories that's why I'm writing one to satisfies myself.

I love Ace no Diamond and I'm thinking of another fic for the future... it's sad that season 1&2 already ended... Hope there'll be season 3 for the story.

That is all for now, when I updated my next story be sure to check it out... And I'm thinking of writing this profile a bit more detail than this...

Till then..


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