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[~Welcome to my Profile~]

Hi~! My name is LostinTrends2600 I had this account for almost 9 years I used to post but I deleted two stories because I was still learning so I posted two new stories that did good. So, now I'm going to post more stories as well they'll be slow but everything with COVID and etc. and about to start a new job I'm try my best :)

-Things about Me-

~My name is Sierra Wells

~21 going on 22

~Birthday on October 31

~Scorpio (yas the best water sign ;) )

~Taken since 2018

~ BL lover since 2014 favorite bl pairings from anime

* Izuki x Katsuki BNHA

Shoto x Katsuki BNHA

Kirishima x Katsuki BNHA

*Eren x Levi AOT

Erwin x Levi AOT

*Bakura x Marik Yu-Gi-Oh!

Bakura x Mariku Yu-Gi-Oh!

Thief King Bakura x Mariku Yu-Gi-Oh!

*Thor x Loki Marvel

Spider-Man/Peter Parker x Deadpool/Wade Wilson Marvel

*Clark Kent x Bruce Wayne DC

Jonathan Kent x Damien Wayne DC

Tim Drake x Kon DC

[Favorite TV Shows]

Halloween Wars


The Simpson's

Family Guy

American Dad

Bobs Burgers

King of the Hill


16 and Pregnant

90 Day Fiancé


Lauren Lakes Paternity Court

The Boondocks

Courage the Cowardly dog show

The Powerpuff Girls

Teen Titans

Family Matters

And many more I cannot name at the moment *smiles*

Favorite Movies

The Jeepers Creepers Series

Halloween Series *except season of the witch*

Insidious Franchise

Annabelle Series

The Meg

Madaes Family Reunion

Madea goes to Jail

National Lapoon Vacation series *not the new one they made trashy*

The Nun

Scary Stories to tell in the Dark

16 Wishes

Scooby Doo Movies and Live Action ones

The Babadook



Black Panther

Knives Out

And many more :)

My favorite things to do in my past time is Drawing, reading horror manga, bl mangas online, and enjoying doing things with my Mom

Well I hope whoever stumbles on my profile enjoy a story, look around and have fun love making new friends *my email is @princesscebee15@ if you wanna chitchat with me Bye~!

-LostinTrends2600 signed out

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