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Hi! so, not huge fan of profiles, so I'll stick to basics.I'm a 26yr old female, BC resident. Work as RN. Love reading, road biking and of course updating here :-)

Fairly new to the world of fanfiction so forgive my blunders..none of my stories are beta'd so sorry for grammer errors etc.

Write mainly harry potter or glee. All my story's are slash...aka m/m relationships! Please don't read if this offends u!

Stories can also be found on A03 under the same user name: Beth9891 ;)

August 6, 2015: Hi! To anyone who might be interested, I am currently looking for a beta for any/all of my stories. I am mainly looking for a second pair of eyes who happens to be talented at spell checking and grammer (two things which I am not!). If any of the already posted stories or the one I am currently posting (that is unbetaded: Kings men) catch your eye and you would like to be this person please PM me! ;) I would be soo very grateful ;)

Currently working on

1. nothing at the moment ;)At least nothing currently posted!

Stories to come:

1. Death's Devotion

(Harry potter)-. Death/Harry pairing (sort of Harry/Blaise but not really--have to read to understand what I mean by that...,muhahah). Not yet posted.

Where Death falls in love with a certain green eyed mortal. Oh what's a diety to do?

2. Green energy

(Smallville/hp crossover)--lex/harry

-After the war Harry finds himself the reluctant buisness partner of one Draco Malfoy.The rumor of a nifty, possibly very useful rock in Smallville, Kansas has the many times defeater of all evil venturing his way to meet with Lex Luthor. How does Harry's presence and interaction with Smallville's resident billionare change the course of the future? The only way putting a wizard, an alien, and a town full of meteor infected lunatics together would.

not yet posted--at this moment a long one shot. 8000 words finished

3. A Beautiful mind

(White collar/HP)-harry/blaise, past harry/neal. Future--? 13 000 words finished

Neal stumbles upon someone from his past who he had given up all hope of ever seeing again. But events of the past have lasting consquences and sometimes the consquences are not what one can expect. Just how far will Neal go for what he once had?

4. Southern Hospitality

Will be a true blood/HP xover (because one can never have too many hp xovers...grins sheepishly). Most likely a Eric/Harry pairing. Plot still in the works and will post when I work a few kinks out. Just letting you know that I do have plans (however vague and unrealized) for these two wonderful fandoms meeting!

5. Upper Crust--22,000 words done...most likely the next story I will post after ATKM is done.

Gossip girl/harry p non magical au. Pairing: Chuck/Harry

After the tragic death of his mother and a falling out with his father Harry chose to remain at boarding school in Scotland. That is, until scandal resulted in him having to move to New York to live with his estranged father and new stepmother. Desperate to just get through the school year without loosing it on his new family or the students of one of New Yorks most elite schools life should have been straightforward. too bad the teenage uppercrust, more specifically Chuck Bass have something else in mind for the Brit.--3 chapters done

Finished/Completed Stories


1. One simple word

( sam/Blaine): The background story to the blaine-sam confrontation in the episode 'hold onto sixteen'. What if that wasn't the first time that blaine and sam met? what if they knew each other before mckinley and dalton? what if they were once far more then just aquaintances? A story of attraction, frienship, love, betrayal and what comes after

2. Crawford crisis

-(Blaine/Sebastian): A small misunderstanding morphs into a much more complicated bet. The top girl at Craweford decides after seeing Blaine preform 'animals' that she wants him as her own, only problem...Blaine is much more interested in her brother, Sebastian. What's a girl to do?

Harry Potter

1. Art of deception-

(harry/oc pairing, brief harry/Viktor): another story where Dumbledore should have taken better care of where and who he left Harry with that fateful october night. What might have happened if Harry was raised by another, another who was much closer to him in age then one would have thought. A story of Harry leading an uprising, all while not knowing who he is...

2. Evil, thy name is child-

(brief harry/Draco)...not a romance story: what if Harry was actaully the son of two powerful and not so nice greek gods? What if because of this he had zero morals, oh how differently will things turn out? : each chapter told from a different/outside pov.

3. Amazonian AWOL-

(HP/bz/DM pairing..very pg): When blaise and draco end up going to the amazon in search of a rare magical flower, the last person they expected to meet was the long lost slayer of Voldemort. The same hero who the wizarding world hadn't seen in five years. A story of jungles, secrets and romance.

4. When time stops-

( HP/oc/Draco pairing): After the incident at the deparment of mysteries, Harry is once again left with his muggle relatives. When Vernon goes to far and Harry fights back he is left running from everything he thought he once knew. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the boy hero is found by someone entirely unexpected. A meeting that causes a drastic change in the outcome of the war and everyone's part in it.


1. Temptation-

(clark/Whitney pairing): Some times the temptation to not do something is worse than just doing that thing in the first place. Whitney pov: where lana isn't really the one he wants.


1. The Things that George did not understand:

(Merlin, implied arthur/merlin, arthur/george onesided): There were many things that George did not understand but one of the biggest and most aggravating was Merlin. No cancel that, it was Merlin and his strange relationship with the prince.


1. Fight the Fairies-

(SPN/HP: crossover-dean/harry pairing) one shot done as winner of previous poll!!!

-What actaully happens when Dean is abducted by 'aliens' in the episode: clap your hands if you believe.

2. Cherished child-

(twilight/hp xover: jasper/harry): To end the first war with Voldemort as quickly and with as few deaths as possible the wizarding nation makes a deal with the Vampire kings. Two wizards of their choice, no matter who or when are to be given to the Volturi--no questions asked. To bad they didn't know that there was going to be a wizarding child that would end the dark lord's reign before they signed the agreement. A story where Harry is raised by the volturi kings, his journey to find his mate and what Forks and those cullens have to do with it all.

3. A year in perdition-

(glee/HP xover) Sebastian \harry pairing

-who knew that one careless drunken night would lead to the defeater of Voldemort spending twelve months bonded to a complete stranger and ass, and in the middle of Ohio of all places. Ah well, it's only a year, how bad can it be...right?

4. Maleficent misunderstandings-

(Glee/harry potter crossover) cowritten with cherryteapot-

Harry finds a key left to him by his mother, or so he thought. Turns out lily and James weren't his biological family and that he still has family living, not just family but a twin! A story of two brothers finding each other and the obstacles and people who would do anything to prevent it.

Non magical au

5, And all the Kings Men-

(Merlin/HP xover). Arthur\Harry pairing, with harry/merlin brother relationship. Also rereading and correcting spelling/grammer of posted chapters--prologue, and up to chapter 4 replaced.

-Harry finds out some information from the goblins that changes everything. Given a second chance at life, even if it is in a completely different plane of existence seems like a small matter for something he's always wanted: family. Too bad not everything is as it seems...


Students, sex &superheros

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