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I am a proud member of 'Buffyphiles on TtH'. Why are we Buffyphiles? 'Cause we love the character and have a strong affinity for her strength and courage.

18 December 2014

Merry Christmas to you! Or whatever you do/don't celebrate. I'm still unable to find time to write. I can't even get into the headspace because I'm constantly interrupted. However, I'm freeing up some time, hopefully, so I'm adding a way to try and kick me into writing again. I've got a tumblr. I've had it for quite a while now, but I haven't been on it or utilizing like I should. But now I'm determined. So go. Ask me anything. Prompt me. (Try to stick in my fandoms, or ones I've shown interest in because otherwise I may not even know it. Sorry!) Send me memes to fill out or something. . My tumblr

11 February 2014

Ugh. Not writing often at all. In fact, it's been nearly two years since I last wrote. Finally updated Take Me Back today, though, so yay! Getting some writing time in is difficult in my house, but apparently not impossible Thanks for sticking it out with me, folks!

19 October 2012

Happy birthday to me! It really is, too. Teana121 has asked for and been given permission to translate Found into Chinese! It's such an honor to have your work translated, you know? Like my friend hellbells, I see it as a definite compliment to my writing. And really, I just squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed over it. Took me a bit to get back to her at first because honestly I was super excited.
I'm working on a few fics right now. A couple Buffy/Fast and the Furious crossovers, a Fast and the Furious fic, a Buffy/Batman cross that's been a long time in the works, another chapter to Healing, the next chapters on both my Final Fantasy VII fics, the next ficlet for my Magical Siblings series and the revamping of chapter two and doing chapter three of Reaper of the Heart. Thanks for your patience!

12 September 2012

I am currently working on five different stories. Two are Buffy/Fast and the Furious (both one shots), one is Fast and the Furious (also a one shot), one is a revamp of the second chapter and then on from there of Reaper of the Heart and lastly is the next chapter of Time to Change. So watch me post up one for Take Me Back instead. .


15 August 2012

I am currently participating in the August Fic-A-Day challenge competition over on Twisting the Hellmouth. Because of the requirements (a fic a day), I am taking a break from my FFVII and my Buffy/ST:XI/DOOM stories. Sorry about that, but it's important to me to finish this challenge. Thanks for understanding!


20 January 2012

Not as long now... lol. While I am working on my stories, it's going to be slow going for a bit while my family spends time together before deployment comes. I'll post as chapters are finalized, but again, it's going to take some time. I apologize for making you wait, but I won't give up what little time we have left together.


1 January 2012

Happy New Year! I'm working diligently on my FFVII fic, Time to Change. I am also working on an untitled Spirk fic for ST:XI, but will not post until I have the majority written. I just can't seem to get back into my HP fics. Well, I wish everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!


11 June 2011

Wow. Again, it's been years. I'm still attempting to update my fanfics, but really have no idea what to do with them short of ripping them down and rewriting them. Which is what will likely happen for Pendant, but I really want to get Azkaban and Time kickstarted again. Just wanted to say that I'm alive and well and not writing. Well, I am working on two stories which may never see the light of day because I will not post them until they are completed. Just look at my profiles to see the reason why. I'm trying to work on Azkaban right now, so wish me luck!


11 December 2009

I have finally figured out how to fix the formatting errors that ffn insists on handing me, so I will continue to update here. Thank you for your patience with me on this. Now that I know the way around it, updates will be easier to do.


10 December 2009

Well, I have tried to post two new stories here on FFN, and everytime I upload them, my quotation marks and apostrophes are gone. If you would like to read either of these stories (they're both Buffy crossovers) then you may find them under my profile at TTH. http:///AuthorStories-11502/ConstanceTruggle.htm I am sorry, but I will no longer be updating stories here until this can be figured out. Thank you and may things work out soon.


15 June 2009

WOW! It's been YEARS since I've updated this thing! I'm now 30 and not really writing at all. My imagination and muse have all left me, and I have no inspiration. I am ATTEMPTING to update my very first ever fanfic here at ffn, but under a different pen name. That is proving to stretch my abilities right now. Sigh. I also have a fifteen-month old son who is very demanding, and a husband who has joined the military to prepare for.



I am 26, bored, and very interested in finding time travel fics. As I couldn't find many, I decided to write my own. I know that few people read the bios, but if you do, and know of a good time travel fic, let me know! In a review or by e-mail. Whatever. Just let me know. Thanks!


Any partial chapters or update info can be found by clicking on my Homepage link above.

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