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i have a lot of ocs. if u need one pm me

i am a fan of espeon

i like to see different pokemon couple

i hope ash get an eevee

two main ocs the perez family have pyschic power carrie and brittany are sisters

selina perez



red shirt and skirt

red hair blue eyes

allison perez


nice timid

pink hair green eyes

blue skirt green shirt

shadow santiago

black eyes hair

gray pants shirt


carrie williams

red hair hazel eyes

purple skirt shirt

funny shy

amy perez

pink hair green eyes

pink skirt shirt

nice marry to zach perez

zach perez

black hair blue eyes

black shirt pants

nice marry to amy

brittany williams

red hair green eyes

green shirt skirt

ashley perez

blue hair green eyes

yellow shirt skirt

she is amy and zach daughter and has pyschic power

jack barnes

black eyes blue hair

green pants shirt

jack is good

amanda williams

red hair hazel eyes

brown skirt shirt

mother of carrie and brittany

bobby williams

brown hair green eyes

black shirt pants

father of carrie and brittany

jill montero

the perez family cousin

green eyes purple hair

red shirt pants

nikki barnes

red hair hazel eye

green pants shirt

becky barnes

orange hair green eyes

orange shirt skirt

becky nikki and jack are family

selina twin brother

stephen perez

black hair brown eyes

orange shirt pants

Check the story divas wars

Where u can make oc for wrestling

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