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Aspiring amateur author, with mostly fantasy and science fiction background.

I don't normally play around in other people's own universes, but Frozen is just so compelling, I had to. And apparently, I'm also a part of the Zootopia fandom now. Oh joy.

Some of my influences include: Michael Stackpole's Battletech novels, Star Wars Legends EU, Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms, The 3 Investigators and V.C. Andrews.

I'm also over on FictionPress at where I publish my non-fanfiction work!

Official Social Media: iyansommerset @tumblr, @gab

Official Frozen: Changing Phases artwork: iyansommerset @deviantart /gallery/48302616

Some of my other Frozen fan art: iyansommerset @deviantart /gallery/48238589

My Zootopia fan art: iyansommerset @deviantart /gallery/58411376

Author's Notes:

Happy New Year, 2023!

Let's try to get something done this year.

Working on:

Slaves in the Court of the Snow Queen: Prologue/Chapter One. This is the big one.

Back burner - Frozen II: RETCoN. Didn't like what happened during the movie. I plan to erase everything and restart back to status quo. One mid-form fic incoming.

Back burner - ChangingPhases9 has already been started, probably gonna take a while to prioritize this one.

Back burner - One short for Try Anything, centered on Bellwether. This has actually been mostly written but needs fleshing out.

Still working on something else (Frozen BUT think Twilight/50shades), which has now morphed into a full-blown dedicated long-form fic. Already at twelve chapters, 40k words and counting. Will start posting only when the whole thing is finished. It's a faster write since this one is taking 3k-5k words per chapter. And it's a new thing - first-person perspective.

Will occasionally add to Speedrun: Castlevania. I want to get to the Dracula 2-cycle crit.

- Iyan

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