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Welcome to my profile! You can call me Jul. I'm a cat lover and I have a slight obsession with the Hunger Games and Percy Jackson. That's pretty much all you need to know.

I love submitting to SYOTs, so if you ever want me to submit to yours just send me a PM! PMs and reviews are the way to my heart, as I'm an avid lover of notifications. Feel free to talk to me about anything and everything, I'm always up to chat!

Notice: I have not been active since 2017 but am back to rework some of my old stories.

Current Stories:

A Victor's Ally Series

The first book is currently being reworked. The rest of the series will continue through the events that occur in the Hunger Games trilogy.

Chasing The Sun (ON HOLD)

Five demigods embark on a quest to save Apollo when their world is plunged into endless winter. With a feud between a daughter of Ares and a son of Zeus and a new camper who claims he's the son of Hermes, the half-bloods have to try and put the past behind them in order to complete their quest. -No Percy Jackson-

Forced Connection (UNFINISHED)

This was a SYOT I had been working on years ago that is unfinished and will probably never be finished. Oops.

My Current Tributes

In the Games:

Before the Games:


Azurine (Zuri) Bahari, 18, District Four Female - Frozen Alive: 36th Annual Hunger Games by Icytopia

YAY MY FIRST WINNER! Honestly, I was shocked you won. I had written you as a career with something to prove, thinking you would be gifted a nice redemption arc and die tragically. In the end, you just weren't willing to be the hero. No one was really happy with your victory, but it was well written and realistic. Congrats Zuri!

Tribute Graveyard :(

Mica Mendel, 14, District Five Male- Frozen Alive: 36th Annual Hunger Games by Icytopia

Drowning isn't a fun way to go :( You were never going to make it far, but at least you made it past the first day! Rest in peace, buddy.

Oleander (Ander) Spruce, 15, District Seven Male - Wayward: The 113th Hunger Games by TheEngineeringGames

A ~justifiably~ angry boi who earned 14th place. Keep on keeping on, Ander. rip

Bean Agavoli, 15, District Twelve Male - Traveller: The 61st Hunger Games by CelticGames4

You were a cutie and you literally accidentally sacrificed yourself for your allies in the bloodbath. What's not to love? RIP my little cinnamon roll 3

Charlotte (Charlie) Adams, 16, District Twelve Female - The 70th Hunger Games: The Whisper by Daughter of StaticQuake

I loved you Charlie! But since you were a fiery tribute from District 12 you became too much like Katniss. At least your district partner won! RIP.

Marina Rivera, 17, District Four Female - Role Model by david12341

Marina, you were my first ever SYOT submission and I loved you dearly. You were doomed from the moment you got a concussion before the arena, but you'll always be in my heart. Special thanks to David for writing her so wonderfully and giving me an amazing, first ever SYOT experience.

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