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Hello, welcome to my page (or something like that)

I'm a girl born in the summer of 98 (now I don't have to update this every year, to have the correct age I mean, XD) English is my second language.

I got a sudden impulse to read Fairy Tail fanfics after finding out that they were going to broadcast the anime again and after I read one of the stories Im following I felt that I had to join because I wanted to know what was going to happen. Later I wanted to write myself and well; that's how it began.

Favorite animes:

Fairy Tail, Cardcaptor Sakura and DN Angel are my favorites. I think. But theres a lot more I like much as well, so... most of them are like my favorites, I cant decide... XD
No particular order.

DN Angels is like the first anime I saw that I wanted to see more of - as I found the first episode very exciting - and I couldnt. A couple of years later I found the same CD that the first episode was on and I got a little bit obssest with the thought of seeing the rest - I tried to order it from internet and stuff like that, but eventually I ended up watching it on the internet.

Favorite mangas:

Skip Beat!, Fairy Tail and Rave Master (seriously they are great, read them) I would probably say are my favorites. I've read a few more (mostly because of too many animes have the "read-the-manga-ending").


In FT (since I write fanfictions about it):

NaLu, GaLe, Gruvia, Jerza and Elfever. Theres no special order really, but Elfever isnt the first, its mostly cute you know?

Dont think its more than those really, although I want some characters to find a partner, like Cana because she is awesome and one of my favorite characters for some reason :P

If you're here checking out my stories, I thank you for the read :)

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