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I am a 50 something special education teacher, and I currently work with Kindergarten through 5th graders teaching Reading, Language Arts, and Math. I am absolutely nuts about the Harry Potter books. Prisoner of Azkaban is still my favorite book and probably always will be. I love the backstory of the Marauders. Remus Lupin is actually my favorite male character, but I especially adore Albus and Minerva and the idea of their being a couple. Minerva McGonagall is my favorite female character. I love cats and I am a teacher, so that is a natural conclusion. In fact, my internet name, JKMcGonagall, is a combination of my first two initials (not Rowling's) and the last name, McGonagall.

Deathly Hallows is in second place in my favorites for the series. I love the way JKR wrapped up all the bits and pieces of the storyline. I felt the epilogue conveyed the message that JKR wanted it to...that Harry, at long last, was just an ordinary person now with a wife, children, friends and famly that love him and that he could love back. In other words, what he saw in the Mirror of Erised all those years ago, just updated...not his past family, but his present one.

Felines and Frivolity (Minerva and Albus) are such a fun couple to write about, in fact, all my stories revlove around them so far. I may try something with the trio someday. I hope you will enjoy reading my stories. I know they have been around awhile now, but I really do enjoy reading your reviews and opinions of them. Please read and review.



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