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[Please, can anyone recommend a good Harry Potter x Boku no Hero Academia Crossover? I so want to read a really good one, but there's so few of them and I don't want to end up having my focus pulled towards writing one because I can't find it. I've got too many stories in progress already... So please, please, please, if you know any good crossovers between those two fandoms where Harry is the main character and would be so kind as to point them out to me, I'd be very grateful. Most of the ones I've found are unfinished or short and abandoned. Thanks!]

Hi!! Yes, I’m aware that I’ve been gone a long time. No updates, no answers to messages and reviews... Well, it’s not because I was dead since I’m obviously not.

I don’t want to bore you all to death, either, so I’ll just say it’s been a rocky time for me lately (lately going back to almost three years ago) and I haven’t been in my best moment. In fact, I probably wouldn’t be writing this right now it not for the side effects of the pills that should’ve sent me to sleep nearly 4 hours ago (it’s 3 am here, if you’re wondering).

I’ve decided that some change was in order and wiped all the trash written in my bio clean so I can repurpose the space. From now on, I’ll use this to let you know the progress on any updates, new stories... But that will probably happen tomorrow, since I really should be sleeping.


Travelling the Universe (HP/Doctor Who) LAST UPDATED [21/10/2020 00:38] With permission from Little.Miss.Xanda, I started this story quiet a few years back, borrowing the beginning from her magnificent work 'Reach for the Stars'. Unfortunately, hers is unfinished too, but it's still more than worth reading (I personally love it) and I haven't lost the hope that life will allow them to be finished at some point.

The Morning After (HP/Supernatural) What can I say; I love Gabriel. It's been marked as 'Complete' up until now because I didn't plan on continuing it, but then the second chapter wrote itself and I uploaded it, forgetting to take down the 'Complete' mark. The first chapter can be read as a one-shot if you'd rather not expend years waiting for the 'cliff-hanger' to be resolved (because I'm not promising something I'm not sure I can manage). Sorry to anyone who read both chapters thinking it was finished, it was a honest mistake.

Hadrian Lokison (HP/Avengers) Apparently, the all time favorite among my stories. Funny how it was supposed to be a quick fluffy piece to get rid of a craving for a fatherly Loki and cute Harry. What can I say: the idea fot out of hand quickly and I sure as hell didn't expect the response it got. And now I'm crying because I just realised 'Travelling the Universe' is the only English story I consciously started as multichaptered up until now.

So I've got big, big plans for this story, so many ideas that I want to try... so many possibilities... it's hard deciding where to take it, but I've found (or I think so) a solution and I'll explain it on th next update for this story.

By the way, if you're reading this and you're a French speaker, you might want to visit the fantastic translation by the lovely Elrika.

A Twelfth Supernova (HP/One Piece) I'll post the next chapter soon, since it's already written anyway. So I'm going for a different style for the beginning of this story, trying something new for once, but it probably won't be as surprising as I'm expecting it to be. It's still fun to write, so there it is. Can't wait to see what you think of it when we get further into the story!

Foxy Twins (HP/Naruto) I have so many big plans for this story. I've had it in mind for the last two years so it's taken a lot of shape in my mind, but there's still a couple details I'm working out. Suffice to say I've got it much farther in my mind than I've got to writing. But it's a favorite of mine, so I can't wait to put it into paper and share it with you guys.

All I can say for these two stories without falling into revelling plot points is that I'm hoping to surprise people a bit with them. Not that their plots are anything new really, but I've tried to give them a little twist. Hopefully people will enjoy it. Ugh, I wish I could say everything that I've planned but I hate spoilers so much...

A Brother's Love (HP/One Piece) Okay, so for this one, I've got a dilemma. I already warned that this story will contain slash. Problem is I can't actually decide on who to pair Harry/Kairyuu with. For now, I'm torn between it being Shanks, Benn (I love Beckman, what can I say, though the age gap would be a bit more problematic with him) and Marco. Currently, I'm leaning towards the latter, but that could change in the future: the story decides, not me. Anyway, feel free to offer suggestions, though the final decision is always going to be mine. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

What The Future Brings (HP/Star Trek:2009) I kind of know where I want to take this story, but I'm not sure whether it's worth it. I've re-read it a thousand times and, honestly, I hope my English has got at least a little better since then 'cause there's so many mistakes... I'm really sorry about that (I think I mentioned when I posted it that I'd spent a whole sleepless night on it). Your reviews were all fantastic and they make me want to write the part I had planned for the next film. Maybe now that we're quarantined over here I'll fix all the mistakes I've found that are putting me off from writing more. And if someone knows where I could find the original script for 'Into the Darkness' and could PM me about it, I'll be infinitely greatful. I'll have to revisit my notes on the sequel because this was a story I was really excited about when I wrote it, even if I wish I'd done a better job of it.

Family of Four, Three, Two... (HP/The Walking Dead) Before you jump at my neck, no, I'm not having doubts about whether I should or should not continue it. What I'm doubting is whether I'll have the time. I mean, sure, I CAN upload another chapter, but would you be comfortable knowing you could be waiting two years for another update? I don't want to leave you all hanging on another as of yet unfinished story for such a long time all because I'm a disaster at updating regularly (I'm just generally a walking disaster... my life's a disaster!). My other stories all prove it. But if you all agree you'd rather take the risk than leave it as it is, I'll get to writing.

I've got various stories were I've written at least the first chapter. If you'd like to read any particular one first, let me know. I'm going to try to figure out how polls work to make that easier in the future. You can choose from the next ones:

(HP/Naruto): Like a whisper, the rumours of the Kuro clans return to Konoha spreads through the village. How will Konoha handle it and its new members? And why is that so closely linked to the Nara Clan?

Boromir of Gondor (HP/LOTR) I've thought about it and I'm going to try to post the translation to english of my story of the same name. It's still on going, but maybe being able to write each chapter in the language I'm in the mood to write at the moment will help me finish it sooner. Let me know if you'd be interested in reading it; here's the summary: "Harry has always wanted to have a normal life, but that's precisely the one thing he seems unable to get. When it seemed like he'd achieved it, he catches a stewards interest. And nothing will ever be the same. Not when war threatens this new world. And not when his heart and his soul begin to tug him in different directions." The story is slash with a rare pairing and a little surprise that'll hopefully make its appearance soon...

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