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Now that I've posted a few stories, I should probably make one of these things. I'm Kelly. I'm 28 years old. I recently graduated from a paralegal certificate l program. I live in a Chicago suburb with my parents. As you can tell by my screen name, I'm hoping to use this as a sort of training exercise for original fiction. However, I will probably still keep writing fanfiction even if I start getting original stuff going again.

Reading fanfiction started with, I think, That 70s Show, season 8 still bugs me more than 14 years later, and Harry Potter. But somewhere down the line, I went down the rabbit hole that is Supernatural fanfiction. I read later season stuff before I even got through season 1 of the show. I Spoiled a lot for myself, but it was fun to work backward and be like, "oh, that's how they got there." I still do that if an author I like writes for a fandom I haven't watched/ read yet.

Most of my stories will most likely l be short, sweet—slice-of-life sort of stuff or straight humor. Drabble challenges are great creative writing exercises. I do the spn 100 challenge on here and the Drabbles every weekend or DEW challenge at SPN big pretzel over on live journal. I enjoy reading well-written AU, novel-length, angsty, epic adventure, or super sexy/ romantic stuff and don't have a problem with slash, but that's not going to be what pops into my head. Ditto for a lot of image description as I have no mind's eye whatsoever. There will probably be medical things in some of my stories, as I've been through a lot of medical stuff, so that's what pops into my brain sometimes. But all medical info is from Google. Legal info is from google and paralegal school. Follow me on Twitter @kelll_belle

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