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Hey guys, I read Pokemon FFs. Might write my own if I ever come up with a good one, but in the meantime, here's my top 5 favorite Pokemon Shippings

1: AdvancedShipping(AshXMay)(These two are perfect for each other. They're almost exactly the same.)

2: AmourShipping(AshXSerena)(This is a very close 2nd, but it's too young to be #1, might change depending on what happens with these two.)

3: AbilityShipping(AshXAnabel)(Anabel is the only other character, besides Serena, that has a clear canonical crush on Ash, while all the other girls leave it unclear.)

4: LuckShipping(BrockXLucy)(Lucy is the only character who liked Brock's antics right from the start. Wouldn't surprise me if this DID become canon, but i'm not holding my breath.)

5: CavalierShipping(GaryXDawn)(PearlShippers will hate me for saying this, but Gary and Dawn are perfect for each other. Besides Dawn's cleary a fan-girl of Gary.)

5 other Shippings I like(No order)

PearlShipping(AshXDawn)(It surprises me that this shipping is the most popular is Japan. Although I wouldn't complain if this became canon, I think they can do better.)

EgoShipping(GaryXMisty)(If Gary and Dawn doesn't happen, then I hope this does.)

FireRedShipping(AshXZoey)(To me, this is a counter to PokeShipping, but without Misty tendency to yell at Ash all the time.)

Othelloshipping(AshXHilda)(I really wish that Hilda HAD been in the BW anime. Would've made it a lot more watchable.)

LeafShipping/FurtherShipping(AshXLeaf)(I like to think that Red and Leaf were the other two kids that left Pallet the same day the Ash and Gary did. I also think these two would work out well.)

Now the 5 shipping I hate the most.

5: NegaiShipping(AshxIris)

4: Any shipping involving Ash and a Pokemon(Now, I don't mind it that much if the pokemon has some sort of human form, but reading(and picturing) Ash kissing a psychical pokemon is just...EW!)

3:Any shipping where Ash is gay

2: Crackpot Shippings Ex: Belleshipping(DrewXDawn) WaterflowerShipping(MistyXDrew) BrunetteShipping(GaryXMay)(OK, why create shippings for characters that never met on screen? Who came up with these?)


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