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I am writing for myself, like it, hate it, favorite it. In the end it doesn't matter. But if you are kind enough to review even if you don't review kindly I always return the favor.

favorite quote

“And you, liar, teller of tall tales: you trample all the Lord’s commandments underfoot. You murder, steal, commit adultery, and afterward break into tears, beat your breast, take down your guitar and turn the sin into a song. Shrewd devil, you know very well that God pardons singers no matter what they do, because he can simply die for a song.”

I believe art is power and love what it can do to, and for us.

This is a snipit of something I wrote about the matter

Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel masterpiece was not without controversy. His original fresco contained many completely naked characters ( their genitals showing), including Christ and his mother Mary. Nudity was not uncommon however high ranking member of the church and holy being were clothed due to their status. Michelangelo used nudity as an equalizer. A Roman Catholic Cardinal named Carafa saw the fresco and accused the artist of immorality and obscenity. The Cardinal soon enlisted the aid of a Monsignor Sernini to begin a campaign (known as the "Fig Leaf Campaign") to have the work removed or censored.

Over time, even the Pope's own Master of Ceremonies named Biagio da Cesena joined in condemning the fresco for it nudity. Cesena went so far as to state that the fresco was better suited for a tavern or public bath than a church!

Michelangelo, angered at Cesena's criticisms, used his face for Minos, the god of the underworld! His picture, to the right of this text, even includes donkey ears to represent foolishness. When Cesena complained to the Pope, the Pontiff apparently joked that since his jurisdiction did not extend to hell, "I could save you from purgatory but over hell I have no power." the portrait would have to remain.

After the painter's death in 1564 A.D. the Council of Trent, who had condemned nudity in religious art, commissioned an artist to cover up the genitalia in his fresco. It was not until 1993’s restoration of The Last Judgment fresco that half of the censorship placed over the characters was removed. During restoration, it was discovered that the great painter originally painted Minos with a snake wrapped around himself and his genitals covered by the snake's head BITING him in the groin!

451 years later mike is still getting the last laugh! ART IS POWER!

PS looking for a Beta

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