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Hi, I'm Voldy's pink teddy, otherwise known as Darth Naughtious on any Star Wars websites.

It is my greatest ambition to take over the universe, but I suppose I'll start with something small, like a spiral galaxy.

Note to those who are curious about my user name: Though of course it could be about Voldemort becoming a cross-dresser (I would say I'm sorry for that mental image, but I have a feeling that would be less than convincing), it actually started as an inside joke between me and one of my friends involving Voldy carrying an actual teddy bear with him everywhere, like a little kid. When we first discovered fanfiction, we were so amused by Voldemort-getting-redeemed-by-sex stories that our jokes about it got a little silly. I have never been against slash, but you have to admit, bad slash can be hilarious (as can bad het ), and the image of evil, intimidating Lord Voldemort carrying a pink teddy bear around with him was commentary on that, a sort of affectionate parody, in the language of TV Tropes.

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