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Hello everyone! I'm HyruleanHero500 welcome to my profile. I have Autism, but I am really creative. Electronic devices (Nintendo systems computers) seem to talk to me. When I was in sixth grade, I once saved my mom 500 of repairs on the family car by realigning the rear bumper.

I adore Pokémon, Legend of Zelda, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Skylanders, Wings of Fire, Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, Narnia, Indiana Jones, Transformers, Smash Brothers.

About my The Life of the Hero of Twilight series:

There are a few things I need to talk about: the world that surrounds Hyrule, Hyrule's past, some of the characters (especially Link, Whirlwind, OCs).

The world around Hyrule comprises the seven Pokémon regions, the Mushroom Kingdom, the Dragon Realms. Hyrule is north of the Kalos Region (where the UK is in our universe). Hyrule itself has the landmarks in every single 3D Zelda game (not including Wind Waker), the ones in Minish Cap, the kingdoms of Pyrria from Wings of Fire.

Hyrule's Past:

There are portions of the Zelda lore that I would be modifying. First, the creation of the land of Hyrule was done with Arceus' permission. Second, the Spirit Tracks are yet to be created and Lady from Thomas the Magic Railroad is the engine of the Spirit Train.

The Downfall Adult Timelines would be ignored (except for the inclusion of Lorule). The events during Ocarina of Time would not be able to be avoided when the Hero of Time warns OoT Zelda about Ganondorf's plans. The events of games in the Adult timeline (except Spirit Tracks) would be a downfall timeline off of Twilight Princess and the events of A Link to the Past happens in Lorule.

Some of the Characters:

Link Spyro Avalon: Great grandson of the Hero of Time Queen Ruto. Link was born with the ability to shape-shift into a Purple Dragon. When he discovered this power, he started to use his middle name, Spyro, for his dragon form stopped using it for his Hylian form.

Princess Zelda: Daughter of Queen Hilda of Hyrule Lorule and great granddaughter of the Princess of Destiny (Zelda of Ocarina of Time). She is the current possessor of the Triforce of Wisdom of Hyrule. She is skilled with a rapier and a bow. Zelda, along with Link, is a Portal Master.

Impa: Zelda's bodyguard, current Sage of Shadow, leader of the Shieka. (Based off of Hyrule Warriors Impa)

Whirlwind: Adopted daughter of Cynder.

The Hero's Shade: The ghost of the Hero of Time. When he was alive, he remembers that he fought alongside his descendants in the War Across the Ages twice (though at the same time).

Ganondorf Dragmire: The Gerudo King of Evil. He was sealed in the Twilight Realm after being defeated by the Hero of Time. He is the incarnation of Demise's hatred toward the Goddesses. His Lorule counterpart is Yuga.

Vaati: The Wind Mage. Before Link can fight Ganondorf, Vaati tests Link's strength to see if he is capable of killing the King of Evil.

Stories that are Currently being Written:

Twilight Princess: The True Story- Link, Sparx, and Midna go on a quest to save Hyrule Lorule from Ganondorf Zant. Along the way, they meet Fi; the Spirit that resides in the Master Sword; and the Chronicler.

Upcoming Stories:

The Legend of Zelda: The Cocoon of Destruction- Zelda has a vision of a strange machine activating and ending all life on the planet. She sends Link to prevent the machine's activating. He turns up in the Kalos region and runs into a boy named Ash Kechum. Legends shall rise and evil shall fall.

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