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Gender: Female

Age: 23

(New) Username: SilentProwler


I'm a devout reader of fanfiction. Unfortunately, I dont trust myself writing one (my silent tendencies in real life that some may call shyness does not make for a good dialogue' only very flat/fake ones), but I do try to leave a messages and reviews of any ideas I think of to help others with fresh ideas, even if they never use it themselves...

...Now that I think about it, my username is oddly fitting for such a role. Huh...


Favorite music genre: old fav; Country (though specifically the country songs like those on this station: http:///?sc=sh2087760002317428282shareImp=true ).

new fav: hick-hop http:///stations/play/3408649014841064981?shareImp=trueisGooglePlay=1sp=1isBrowse=true

Favorite Fanfiction genre: time travel, reincarnation SI, xovers

I have to admit, I use to scoff at the idea of reading Fanfiction. At last, I have been enlighten to the glory of Fanfics and have been indoctrinated into the Fanfiction Fanclub, so to speak, since the beginning of this year. Ironically, now I can't seem to want to read actual published novels (or manga for that matter) when there are just SO MANY good Fanfiction online to discover and read!

Interesting articles about fanfic: http:///culture/10-famous-authors-fanfiction/ http:///articles/SB10001424052702303734204577464411825970488 http:///2015/03/6-famous-authors-whove-written-fanfiction.html

Note: If anyone wishes to peruse my list of favorite stories for whatever reason, just note I never read them all (Some of them are my favorites, but others are just ones I put there as a reminder to look at later before I realized I could just follow them instead...I'm too busy reading fanfic to clean the list out). Therefore, there may be stories I don't actually like on my favorite and follow list...I might eventually clean it out...eventually...


(゚、 。 7

l、 ヽ


This is Kitty. I got him from someone else. Copy and paste Kitty into your signature to help him gain WORLD DOMINATION.


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