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My name is Jasmine, and my interests are many, but all creative. I live in the United States (if that little flag symbol was no indication) and I plan on my life being long, exciting, and successful... Now I just need the focus to make it so xD

I really just built this account specifically for Digimon fanfiction, but I'm thinking of adding some Doctor Who things as well. My other account is PhoenixRoseQueenToo, where I've published Big Time Rush and Harry Potter fanfiction. I plan on my Digimon stories to be... numerous. I'm writing a series and hopefully, eventually, a lot of one-shots, and I don't want that to get caught up in my other stories.

About Characters and Shipping.


Strangely, I am a fan of a lot of consensual trios, which there aren't nearly enough. I like Daisuke/Ken/Takeru, as well as Taichi/Koushirou/Daisuke. I'd like to see a legit Taichi/Sora/Yamato or even Takeru/Daisuke/Hikari. Oooh, now that I think about it, Yamato/Hikari/Takeru would be pretty interesting...

I don't think that there is nearly enough Taichi/Koushirou in the world, and I think TK would be dominant if he ever hooked up with Daisuke... Not necessarily "seme," but not the more submissive one for sure.

I really dislike when writers make one of the males exceedingly feminine, but I don't mind sometimes, if it's done right.

Somehow, I appreciate Yamato/Daisuke more than Taito or Taisuke. The goggleheads are too similar in my opinion.

I can't ship Takeru/Hikari. I just physically cannot. I'll support them if they aren't a primary pairing, but I just can't stand it. And I hate when people make Daisuke particularly bitter over it.

Yes, I am a Daisuke fan. I ship him with practically everyone... well, I'll read almost any ship if he's involved, anyway. I do think that he and Hikari would make a cute couple, but I'm never really sore if he doesn't get her... I get sore when TK does though... Those two are better off friends, in my opinion, or sibling-like besties. I just think that Daisuke is sometimes underrated, as both a strong character and a leader.

However, I really dislike when Daisuke fans start their stories with the other Digidestined bashing him. He gets bashed, has a sudden revelation that no one respects him, quits the team and turns dark. I can not stand that. I like Dark Davis fics, but I want one where things happen realistically and believably. Not a reaction to his "fake friends" or anything like that. Side-note, I also don't like Over-Powered Daisuke fics. Those are annoying and typically fall in with the other Chosen bashing him.

Miyako is an interesting character. I don't think there's enough focusing solely on her... I have a bit of a difficult time shipping her with Ken though... I really can't ship Ken with anyone but a boy, I guess xD

Oh, but Ken/Miyako/Daisuke? Yes, please.

You know what. Daisuke is just the most shippable. And he's so greedy that he needs two partners. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

I love dark Ken. I love when people keep that side of him or bring it out, anyway. That kid really needs to get over his issues with negative emotions... I understand but... yeesh. He's like bipolar or schizophrenic or something...

Doctor Who

I only have experience with the reboot series... I love all of the doctors but Eleven. I mean I like him, he's adorable, but it's just like he's completely separated from the other three. Oh, but he really was so cute!

My favorite Doctor out of those four is Nine. I feel like he just didn't get enough time! Oh, but Ten was magical. I mean, beautiful and magical and lovely and I'm in love with him, yeah. Maybe this paragraph is contradictory?

My favorite companion is Donna. She is so much fun and I really, really liked the dynamic between her and Ten and she really did not get enough time (neither did Captain Jack for that matter, but he got his own show, so it balanced out, I suppose xD) Donna gets nowhere near as much love as she aught to, not in my opinion anyway. Clara is brilliant too, but I know too many people who don't like her because she's bossy and a bit condescending towards the Doctor. I think he needs people like Donna and Clara though, who challenge him and don't necessarily fawn over his unique brand of clever.

TWELVE. I think that says enough.

One thing that bothers me is that most fans and fandom pairings are so caught up in ships and romances that they forget about the dynamics of friendship. If that isn't one of the stronger themes of Doctor Who, then you lot are particularly blind. That isn't to say that I don't like the romance aspects. I ship all four of those Doctors with Rose if it can work realistically. But at the end of the day, I'd rather read a strong friendship fic between any of these characters than a cheesy, predictable romance.

Harry Potter

Let's just shove Hermione with anyone and call it a day, yeah?

That's basically me. I'll read almost anything if it sounds legit and Hermione is the star. I'll read half of anything if it sounds legit and Harry is the star. If it involves time travel, I MIGHT read it, but if it involves time travel and James Potter, Severus Snape, or Lily Evans, then yeah, I'll more than likely read it.

About My Community

I own a community for Harry Potter called "Truly Brilliant Crossovers." If you haven't guessed, the aim is to collect really weill-written or really awesome crossovers with a focus on Harry Potter stories. There are mosly HP/Supernatural stories over there, but I have a couple of Digimon, Doctor Who, and even Criminal Minds stories too. If you have suggestions or would like to help staff, please PM me.

I am staff on two other communities:

"Beautiful Perfection," focusses on really well-written, interesting and/or unique Digimon Fanfiction. There's a lot of slash there, but we accept everything and need more! It's also pretty much all 02 fiction, and that won't do.

"Good Girls Gone Green" is a Harry Potter archive focussing on female characters being sorted into Slytherin instead of Gryffindor (or whichever house she was originally placed). These are really hard to find, so if you know any good titles, please PM me or the account Good Girls Gone Green with the suggestion. Most of these are Hermione, Ginny, or (fem) Harry.

So if you'd like to help me staff or even if you just have a suggestion, please PM and let me know, I will definitely take it into consideration.

About My Upcoming Stories

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson and the Guild of Chaos - A Chaos story where Percy joins the guild of Chaos. Works with my New Moon and Daughter of the Moon stories, but also completely separate. I know how I want this story to end, I'm just not totally sure how I want to get there. So far I've written the prologue, the first chapter, and started the second, but... well I've been delayed by a few years. I'll see where things lead me once I get the chance, I mean I've actually done research and I hate that word with a passion. I'm kind of second-guessing the pairing though.

New Moon Over Olympus - I literally came up with that title as I wrote it. This likely be a series of stories about Neona Heights, Percy's demigod sister. Same "universe," I guess, as the Percy story. Neona is out to prove herself just as awesome a demigod as her big brother.

Daughter of Artemis - No, Artemis did not go and hook up with a man; however, her daughter is a demigod. The things that define a demigod are not their parents, but the choices that they make. Artemis's daughter only has to make one choice: stay with the Hunt and take the oaths as the rest of the Hunters, or live the rest of her life as a mortal half-blood.

Know Your Enemy - Well. This one might be fun... Ever hear of the Primordial Eurynome?

Doctor Who

Planets, Civilizations, Creatures, and an Awful Lot of Running has been posted removed for the time being. Companion to "The Doctor's Daughter Prologue," following Jenny as she makes her way through time and space and back to her dad. I need to take the time to actually plot the first couple of arcs.

Josie Baker - This will probably be a series of one-shots and short stories detailing an OC, Josie Baker and her best friend Mi Sung Park's adventures with the Ninth Doctor. Or the Twelfth. I haven't quite made my mind up... Although I'll probably stick with Nine. It will all be series-compliant, and I already know how they'll meet their end the series will end.

Mickey Smith's Guide to the Universe - What if, after settling finishing cleaning up the Cybermen, Mickey found his own traveling Time Lord in Pete's World? One who, like the Doctor, had to destroy his own people to end the Time War?


Have any of you heard of the DFC, Digimon Fanfiction Challenges Forum? Nearly all of the stories on my page were written for one challenge or another, my upcoming stories aren't any different. These are the ones worth noting:

Perfection Stamps - Mimi undergoes wife training with Koushirou's mother after the two of them get engaged. Compliant with the poem, 12 Months.

Adventures in Babysitting - Ruki likes her babysitting job. Daisuke likes his babysitter. Jun doesn't like this at all.

There's Still Hope - Miyako/Taichi, written with a particular poem in mind.

Magic Spells - a freak accident in the Digital World transforms Daisuke, irreversibly into a girl.

Digidestined - the children were not Chosen but destined to shape the future of the Digital World.

Fragments of a Broken Heart - what if Takeru was the 8th child? and Hikari went to camp? What if Hikari and Taichi were estranged? What if the Yagamis divorced instead of the Ishidas? What if the Chosen Children's Digimon had different evolutions?

Fragments of Undying Love - sequel. What if Patamon was the Digimon under Vamdemon's control instead of Tailmon?

Chosen Warriors - Frontier season rewrite using the Adventure characters.

Takeru/OC - ah... this one lacks an actual explanation. Written for the Testing Your Patience, Tale in Fragments, and Season Rewrite Challenges, hopefully with the Believable OC Challenge thrown in too.

Digimon/Pokemon - crossover. An exploration of TK and Tailmon's parallel/layered universe theory. Some of the Chosen end up in an alternate digital world where they discover not only Digimon they've never heard of, but BlackWarGreymon sparking a new war.

It should be noted that I do plan to finish Hide-and-Seek as well as Searching For Her Smile and Just Don't Make It a Habit. Both Smile and Habit are for boot camps and are kind of written as I'm inspired, so I'm sorry for the wait.

And if you actually have read my whole profile, congratulations. You are a star. You deserve a cookie... only I don't have any, so you'll have to find some on your own.

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