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First of all: I am not native to the English language so please excuse any errors, I really try to avoid them.

I only try to use English because I figured it would allow more people to read my stupid stuff here than a less popular language would. So please don't kill me :D (Sstarting from Chapter 8 of Numb things are edited by a beta)

Uh yeah what can I say...

I'm a girl and I do this because I love fanfiction.

My sense of humor is weird so if I ever offend you in a review or something I do so by accident. If I really try to offend you (You'd have to provoke me a great deal for that to happen) then I will tell you so.

I have a YouTube channel where I upload AMVs and MMVs.
And a Deviantart account as well, to make the account-collection complete XD

Oh and I am too lazy to say it at the beginning of every story so:

Disclaimer: I, sadly, own nothing but my imaginations and I, sadly, don't get any money for my fanfics.

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