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I seem to be rather adept at writing comedy. I find this funny, since I never actually set out to write anything comedic. It just happens, possibly due to my rather dry sense of humor. I seem to be on a rather Naruto and Harry Potter kick lately, more Harry Potter than Naruto, which is rather too bad as my current W.I.P happens to be Naruto related. Go figure.

I am somewhere in my early thirties, and a mother of one. Yes, I am also female, hence the mother bit. My son likes to demand attention when my focus wanders away from him, so my writing is mostly done when A) he's asleep, or B) when I'm at work. Working helps get my juices flowing, because the only real thing I do all day is run through various scenarios while I'm supposed to be working.

Or while falling asleep, but that's become a luxury. Makes me miss the nap-times we got in kindergarten.

My phone is my best friend, as it's what makes mobile writing possible for me.

I assume that eventually I'll be able to finish the Doctor Who one-shot trilogy I started eons ago. Yes, they were meant to be a trilogy. The final installment was to be the TARDIS' maiden voyage. We'll see what happens.

Reviews make my fictional world go round, as well as all the favorites and follows, even if I do forget to add a thank you to my chapters. The thank you is always implied.

o-O I just went back to look through all the reviews I've posted, and damn. What the hell was I on when I was sixteen?

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