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Name: Not important to anyone except me
Age: Also not important
About me: I lived in Singapore for my entire life. I enjoy reading, jogging, TV and writing. Not many people who know me knows about my hobby for writing. My user name is "CrystalFox06", after a character that I made up.

Favourite Movies: Frozen, Rise of The Guardians, Harry Potter, Wreck-It-Ralph and others which I'm too lazy to list right now.

Favourite Shows: All series of Pokémon, Sonic X, Slugterra and others.

Right now, I'm working on a series which may take some time to plan out. It's about the characters from "Frozen" in different games and shows, minus Hans and the Duke of Weaseltown... er, I mean Weselton. XD. (Mainly Sonic The Hedgehog)
This is my first time trying out this whole fanfiction thing, so I hope the first time is not that bad.

There may be a future story featuring a new zone called Frozius. ( Yeah, it's a stupid name, but that was the only name I could think of. Based on STH comic series, even though I'm not really all that familiar with it.

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