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Hi, my name is Angel (yes its my real name)

I'm a potterhead

I'm an anime freak I love ouran high school host club (Oh my god i wrote that when i was 12. I'm 22 now. so cringe). Have you seen Ghost Hunt if you haven't you should its freaking awesome. My friend is grammar Nazi (she's Jewish), I'm not so good for me.

I like so many things I'm not going to list them so you get the idea. If you are reading one of my fanfics I'm so sorry if I haven't up dated and I know this in advance because I forget so easily. So enjoy what ever you are reading because you are awesome for reading fanfiction. :-)

I also publish all my stories archive of our own under the same name.

I also do a lot of drawing you can find it on my tumblr under theonyxsnake. Please have a look. Please don't i don't post anything there anymore /)- xxx

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