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G'day visitors!

First of all, thank you very much for visiting my profile page. My current main focus target is Sonic the Hedgehog, with Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Doctor Who and Torchwood as secondary focuses. There is a small possibility that Redwall or/and James Bond may become involved in future as a tertiary focus.

There will crossovers as mentioned though be aware these will remain separate from each other with no franchise being used more than once the exceptions being Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Doctor Who and Torchwood. However, circumstances may change in the future. As Shakespeare once stated, "The world is just a stage."

The Issue of OCs (Own Characters)

You may be wondering, "Do you have any OCs in mind?" Yes. If you wish to check out any stories by me using pure OCs (i.e. those not related to any movie/game/book/franchise e.t.c aka spin-offs) only please refer to my profile in FictionPage - the link is provided here... https://www.fictionpress.com/captainhwawrang

All my stories and creative works including pure fanfiction, fanfiction with OCs and crossovers are included in this profile!

My Stance on Academic Integrity and Creative Integrity (As of 2013. Vital- Please Read!)

Please declare/cite and acknowledge when you're using any part of my works. This honours my efforts and respects the integrity of my creative works. This also ensures Academic Integrity and Creative Integrity are respected as much as possible. Academic Integrity and Creative Integrity from my experience and others are about respecting and honoring a person's ideas. I believe this is extremely important not just for the person but also the Academic and Creative communities as well.

Plagiarism is defined as taking a significant amount of someone's ideas/works (for example direct copy and paste) and claiming it as their own without due acknowledgement. Plagiarism is disrespectful and does not reflect the true effort made by authors, musicians, academics and creators alike who have put in so much effort in letting their imagination and substance flow into their hard works (Concise Oxford English Dictionary 11th Edition by Soanes and Stevenson, 2006). I cannot emphasis how pained and angry I feel when I or/and other creators see plagiarism and other similar offenses committed resulting in trouble of all kinds such as with the law. Please don't plagiarize! Thank you very much.

I declare and acknowledge the use of all characters and ideas in all my creative works and where stated in this paragraph from SEGA (Sonic the Hedgehog), BBC (Doctor Who and Torchwood), Ubisoft (Chessmaster 9000 for my profile image), Nintendo (Super Smash Brothers Brawl) and Konami (Metal Gear)

If you see any citations/declarations and acknowledgements that I'm missing, please inform me as soon as you can via the Private Messaging system (PM). I apologize in advance for any unintentional breeches of academic and/or creative integrity. This statement covers all my works in fanfiction whether pure, crossover, fanfiction with OCs and crossovers with OCs.

Please support Academic Integrity and Creative Integrity by copying and pasting the first two paragraphs. I give you permission to use the copy and paste first two paragraphs of this section provided you acknowledge and declare/cite me as the original author. By doing so you are supporting great, responsible craftsmanship for creative works of all kinds! Thank you very much for your support!

Review Memo (As of 21/7/2015)

Please be aware that when you post a review for one of my publications whether anonymous or as a user of FanFiction/FictionPress/deviantArt, you have given me permission to use your review's content in public (i.e. response in a forum, profile or publication) and private (i.e between me and the reviewer). If you wish for your review to be used for private purposes only please post these to me via Private Messaging (PM).

In all seriousness, constructive commentary (in other words - your reviews) are useful and handy. Please feel free to post these - the more I hear from you the more likely I can enhance my creative works and learn from experience. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Safety and Respect Charter (As of 13/3/2015)

“Just one second. Either there is mutual respect, or the conversation is over.” Rima Karaki, Lebanese TV talk-show host (2015).

Forgiveness and mercy are vital. Nonetheless, maintaining Safety and Respect is of my highest priority to ensure the continued publication of fictional material and poetry, as well as upholding authors' dignity in other creative-work sites such as FictionPress or deviantArt. If you do any of the following on FanFiction, FictionPress or deviantArt:

Read any of my material Review any of my material Respond to my material Send me a PM or interact with me on your/my forum.

I expect that you're following this charter and the relevant Terms and Conditions, and Community Guidelines on the respective site (whether that be FanFiction, FictionPress, or deviantArt).

Most people I've met on the Internet are good. Nonetheless there is a risk that a minority of people may decide to behave nastily and with ill intent online. Such behaviour is not tolerated. Be aware that one of my priorities is to ensure that while I publish creative works online that everyone has a fun time in a safe, respectful online environment to the best of my ability.

I've decided to clarify and make as clear as possible what I deem as an offence (aka unacceptable behaviour) against me or/and others within websites and electronic accounts within of my control (e.g. profile) Offences include:

Excluding me (i.e. barring) from a forum you own without notifying me of the reasons behind this via PM within a week. Installing or/and using malware of any kind against my profile, PM or/and works. This includes but is not limited to all stories, poetry and publications by me on FFN FanFiction and DeviantArt. Spamming. Cyberbulling and bullying behavior of any kind - this also includes abuse. Plagiarizing my material. Publicizing personal issues (e.g. forum dispute) without my explicit written permission. This does not include seeking help from FFN staff or relevant authorities (e.g. Medical Doctor). PMs and material directed to me that includes offensive, prejudicial material (e.g. on race, religion, disability) that is illegal under Discrimination Act 1993 according to Australian Federal Law. Any cybercrime and criminal acts not mentioned here but deemed illegal under Australian Federal Law and New South Wales State Law. Anything that is against the Terms of Service and Community Guideline on FanFiction website, FictionPress website, or/and DeviantArt website (http:///policy/service/).

If you have a personal issue that involves me such as a Role-Playing dispute, trouble in PM, forum dispute or a story of mine that may be against FanFiction guidelines... please use PM to inform me first. It is in the best interests of both parties to discuss these privately. Public discussion of these personal issues is not recommended to respect both parties' privacy and will be only allowed with my written permission via PM. In the unlikely event neither party can reach a solution, the FFN staff and relevant authorities (e.g. medical doctor) will be contacted to assist in resolution. If you wish to contact them for support you are free to do so.

If you commit an offense...

You will be caught. You will receive a warning via PM. This contains what your offence was, what you need to do and potential consequences such as a notification of the offence to FFN staff, deviantArt Staff and/or similar authorities. e.g. police. FFN staff and/or relevant authorities will be notified - this depends on the offence on a case-by-case basis. Your actions will be recorded and stored for potential use as evidence for FFN staff and/or relevant authorities. Penalties will be applied to you such as blocking. The minimum for an offending user being blocked is at a minimum of to one week with the maximum up to lifetime. Such penalties depend on the seriousness of your offence.

If you receive three warnings within a short period of time (e.g. two weeks) your offences and related warnings (past and present) will be reported immediately to FFN staff/deviantArt staff/police. Australian Federal Law and New South Wales State Law apply.

If the offence is deemed a criminal act (e.g. malware use) or a form of abuse, it will be reported to FFN staff/deviantArt staff/relevant authorities and the police immediately. Australian Federal Law and New South Wales State Law apply.

Thank you very much for your understanding and co-operation.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

My Favorite Authors and to those authors mentioned in Favourite Stories thank you very much for putting your stories and creative works up for others around the world to enjoy. In truth, people who do putting their own stories and creative works up for others around the world to enjoy with the greatest of efforts in my opinion are very brave to do so. Happiness is best when shared and to see it in action is a beautiful thing.

Now Behold Captain Hwawrang's Crew. In Other Words, My Mates in FFN (FanFiction Network). A Massive Thank You to the Following FFN users Mentioned here...

... ShinyShiny9 and sonicfan1990 - you were my first inspirations to write FanFiction and my first mates on FFN. On that fateful October in 2013 when I read your stories, my creative writing journey into publishing FanFiction started. A little curiosity can do so much good. You are the first friends I made online. Thank you very much.

To Metal1784, Speedy1236, DiddyKF1, ABCSonicKirbyWarriors, 1PastandPresent1, Chris000, Dr Namgge, smileaway96, KryptoJackJr, NightSlayer344, badly-knitted, D.stortion and The Pen Vs The Sword ... my other friends online - thank you very much for your company. Friends with awesomeness as well and great publications too!

To all authors, musicians, scientists, discoverers, students and staff in the Arts, Human Sciences and Science Faculties of universities, schools and colleges- may your discoveries and ideas bear fruit for the goodwill of humanity.

I wish you all the best and happy times ahead!
Captain Hwawrang.

Postscripts Section -Profile Materials from other FanFiction Authors

(Thank you very much to ABCSonicKirbyWarriors for giving FanFiction users permission to place on other FanFiction users such as you to copy it into your profile! Owners of these Profile Materials plus when I acquired them by copy-and-paste are in the brackets provided)

DON'T BULLY. Each year, thousands of kids, drop out, become nervous wrecks, or go to the extreme-suicide- because they've been bullied. I know what that feels like... Copy and paste if you are against bullying. (From ABCSonicKirbyWarriors, acquired on 11/6/2015)

If you have a true friend, copy this into your profile. (From ABCSonicKirbyWarriors, acquired on 11/6/2015)

If you actually like to read, just for fun, copy and past this on your profile(From ABCSonicKirbyWarriors, acquired on 11/6/2015)

If you like singing songs at random points in the day, copy and paste this into your profile. (From ABCSonicKirbyWarriors, acquired on 11/6/2015)

Ninety-five percent of teenagers are concerned about being popular. If you are one of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile. (From ABCSonicKirbyWarriors, acquired on 11/6/2015)

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