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Key for fanfiction abbreviations:

-AU: Alternate Universe

-A/N: Authors Note

-OC: Origional Character

-OOC: Out Of Character

-IC: In Character

-Slash: male/male or female/female romantic relationship

-Smut: explicit sexual content

-UST: unresolved sexual tension

-Platonic: a close relationship with little to no romantic content; An unheard of concept.

I gave up on post-its. There were too many. Now, I just run a dictionary for the poor, helpless souls who just wish they could tell whether a story will be slash or not. I wish I'd had one of these when I signed up.

I am a LOTR fan.

I watch A LOT of anime.

I have out-read books. Yes, that can happen.

I enjoy it when it rains. The heavier, darker and colder the better.

As soon as the rain turns to snow, my joy turns to hatred.

I support gay people, and gay OC's, but not slashed canon characters. Bite me.

I love to draw.

I REALLY love to draw sad people.

And animals. The sadder, the better.

I'm a girl.

I am not bothered by the sight of blood.

I have many things to say, yet no voice to speak out with, and no-one to listen when I say things quietly.

In short, hi, I'm me. It's nice to meet you.

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