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Welcome to my page!

My name? Just call me Werewolf or 714.

My gender? Why does it matter? I'm a ninja.

I'm a bit of an odd ball who likes way to many things, so my writing subjects may very.

Also, I'm cursed, everything I touch some how turns into a shipfic! I seriously don't do it on purpose, I'm actually working on some things now that I'm trying really hard to keep non shipy.

On the topic of shipping there are some ships I don't like and simply will not write about because if I do I will tear them apart... It just kinda happens... I have nothing against the shippers though, ship till your heart's content! Just don't ask me too and expect it to end on a happy note.

Now, please, if you have questions or ideas feel free to pm me, I don't bite I promise!

And reviews! I love reviews, they show me that you really are interested in my work and I love that! So please, review!

Big update! I'm now on ! You can find me there under the same name as here, same profile artwork! If FFN allowed links I'd provide them but sadly... no such luck.

Lastly, I write fics as practice, I hope to one day write a novel or series of such. For now though, that story is summarized and put on the back burner because I am not yet worthy to write them.

OH also, if you like, You can find me on Deviantart, AO3 and Tumblr under the same name (Werewolf714) I'm pretty easy to find really.

Now you can also find me on Twitter! I'll be posting updates and random raging at words there so if you like you can follow me @Werewolf714FFN

My youtube is Werewaffle (No extra symbols or anything, just Werewaffle)

I have an instagram! Werewafflecrafts I'll mostly be posting craft related content there.

I'm on Twitch! Look for Werewaffle714 I may not be streaming yet due to net issues but soooon... I hope.

Hope you enjoy my fics everyone!

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