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Joined Mar '04

Hello, I'm Megaolix. Simply someone who like to read stories here. Much more of a reader than a writer

Forums followed: SpaceBattles, TFF, Beast's Lair.

Gender : Man

Age :23

Image/Avatar : Remilia Scarlet, from Touhou. This avatar was custom-made and I kept it since I got it.

My works :

Completed fics :

Advance Party (Advance Wars) My first fic

A Prayer for Peace (Riviera : The Promised Land)

A Dance in the Moonlight (Riviera : The Promised Land) Sequel to APfP.

Early Gift (Riviera : The Promised Land) Fic done for a contest.

Finding Your True Self (Persona 4).

2012/09/19: I'm done with school and only recently did I finally managed to get a job. That's a rather huge load off my mind. That being said, the flame I had when I first had my HP/Touhou idea is quite reduced. Maybe I'll still write it. It's still in mind. But I've seen many others series since then. Who know what I'll get inspiration for?

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