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AN 5/17: If anyone is wondering where I've run off to, I promise I'm alive and well. I had a plan for the rest of Heart's Desire that I ended up putting in the trash (or hopefully up on the shelf for different story), and it took me some time to figure out where I DO want to take it. Hoping to update soon! Much love, J

My name is Jenn, as you've probably noticed. I'm here because I love the opportunities Fanfic creates--for us to fill in the gaps authors have left, or even explore new and exciting alternatives!

So far, all of my stories are about Anne of Green Gables... namely, Anne and Gilbert. One of the things I love about AoGG is the sheer variety of characters; it makes for some fun and challenging writing! But Gilbert is my favorite character and so he is also my favorite to write (with the exception of perhaps Philippa Gordon--she surprised me with that one). Someday I'd like to branch out a bit, exploring other characters and maybe even other stories. I've always dreamed of doing a Pride and Prejudice fic, perhaps that is up next.

I always thought I'd be a "fill-in-the-gaps" type of fanfic author, but my main stories have ended up being one big alternate ending to Anne of the Island. If you want a bit more insight into Anne/Gil--something a little (read: a lot) more romantic and descriptive--that's what these are all about. Here's a quick rundown of my stories:

An Unexpected Reunion is my first attempt at fanfic. It's a one-shot about Anne and Gil reuniting after months apart during their engagement. I was terrified to send it out into the world... I had never done anything like that before! It makes me cringe a bit to read some of the lines now--some day I'll get around to cleaning it up.

Say Something is an AU and my first chapter story. I wanted to explore what would happen if Gilbert knew Roy was planning to propose, and decided to try and fight for Anne. It was meant as a one-shot but ended up blossoming into a longer story. Complete.

Around the Bend is a sequel to Say Something. It follows Anne and Gilbert during the summer before he leaves Avonlea for medical school. Complete.

Grayed Lines and Grayish Eyes is a one-shot about Gilbert's time in White Sands. Maud describes the youth in White Sands as a "fast set," and we know Gilbert was popular and well-liked wherever he went. She also says he watched his actions so as to remain worthy of Anne. I wanted to explore the implications of this all.

Heart's Desire follows Gilbert and Anne through their engagement, although there's a twist here: What if Anne followed Gilbert to Kingsport, rather than teaching in Summerside? What would their relationship have been like? This story explores many themes throughout those three years, but specifically how they deal with their increasing longing and desire for each other, now that they are away from Avonlea and left to make their own decisions. In progress.

Thanks for reading! I LOVE to hear what you think!

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