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Hi, everybody... Kinda... maybe permanent hiatus... sorry... kinda .. lost my muse.

I'm not good in introducing myself.

So... I just gonna write like this.

Name : (If you already seen this profile before. . . You'll know my name. . _)

Penpal Name : Aira Aura @ Letter Daidouji (I have many others... But... Oh well)

Japanese name : 秋本 Akimoto (true autumn) 三千代 Michiyo (three thousand generations)(Got from . I translate my full name and I got this as my japanese name. . =_=)

Birth : 14 April 199x

Hobby : Drawing, reading comics

Like : Ice-cream

Dislike : Boring day

Personality : Enigma

DeviantArt :

P/S : I like to write OC that is from my country. . which is wearing hijab or shawl. . (Especially when my OC is girl. . But not all)

My attitude just like a kid. .

And my English really bad too. . .

Please take it easy on me. .

I like to be alone. . .

I already give up on my life. .

But someone always try to dray me back to the real world. .

I hate it. .

This real world really are cruel. .

I express all my feeling to my writing, drawing and only to myself. .

Only one that chosen can open my heart . .

My mind. .

Set me free . . .

Singing, drawing is my soul. .

Without them. .

I'm nothing. .

I don't know how to be proud of myself. .

Cause I have already . .

Not interested in my life. .

Is friend is necessary. . ? ?

Yes. . And. . No. . .

To me I'm okay for being alone. .

But I have a bad habit. .

I can't see anyone near me being alone. .

Even if that person is not my friend. .

I'll company that person. .

Sometimes I wonder. . .

Maybe I don't want that person pick the path like me. .

Path where we don't need anyone as friend. .

Path where we treat everyone just as stranger people. .

It's lonely right?

I wonder why I'm in this world. . ? ?

Why I feel like this? ?

Is 'true friend' really does exist? ?

Can you answer me? ?

To me. . The girl who already stray to the darkness. .

"I don't want anyone to get hurt" - Sakaki Yuya/Dark Duelist (Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC V)

"Because people don't have wings. . . We look for ways to fly" - Former Coach Ukai (Haikyuu!)

I have some story in my mind.. .

But I'm not so sure if I'm going to write it. .

So it just going to be on my list. .

1. You and I (Nurarihyon no Mago)

A girl suddenly transfer to Ukiyoe and she going to be in Rikuo class. Apperently, she from another country. She can't speak because of certain reason, but she can understand any foreign language and always communicate with a weird sign. Rikuo have interest with her because of her behavior and expressionless face. He want to know more about her. Something about her feels comfortable. But the girl also have her own secret that the other don't know and it related with Rikuo.

Anyway, this is just list. . . And the tittle might change. . If I write it.. . *silent*

I'm going to write idea for the rest of my stories. .

I must finish it quickly. .

Since I have so many things to do. .



1. Blue Sky Shawl (Kuroko no Basket)

Ukihiku Anna is 16 years old red eyed girl. She come from Malaysia and always wears her blue sky shawl anywhere she go. She is more like Kuroko but have a secret that even she don't know. Her lost memories, and another personality (blue sky eyed) will appear whenever she feel excited or when she in danger. In order to restore and opened the closed door in her mid. She made a deal with her other personality.

2. Last Give (Kuroko no Basket)

Frey Tomoe(15) and her sister Tsukino Tomoe(17) always play each other and never play with other cause of Frey own personal problem. Tsukino use this chance to get her little brother to show his real talent. Frey really interest with Generation of Miracle member and exited when he meet them. In the same time . . Her sister have a secret. . A huge secret, that she don't want to tell him. Only the other Seirin member knew about her secret.

3. Little Yokai Friend (Nurarihyon no Mago)

Years have past and Rikuo already married with Yura and have a daughter named Kuroshi Nura. 13 years old Kuroshi being 1/5 yokai is not of her concern at all. She have fun with her life being 3 different personality, making the whole people in Nura Gumi having a headache as her personality keep changing. Until one day, she found a human girl lying in front of her house while she looking at the scenery at the Sakura tree. The girl wounded and she decide to keep the human girl after the girl don't even remember where she come from and only remember her name, Aira.

4. Reborn (Monochrome Factor)

Asamura Kengo who in heaven with Ryuuko want to go to the earth again. He meet with a boy named Yamino Kengo a boy looks really like him but ost half of his soul in some event and want Asamura to fill half of his soul. Accept this offer, Ryuuko merge their soul and send it back to the body.Starting that, they began to live as a new person, Yamino Kengo and had no memories. What will happen if he meets Akira, Aya and the others?

5. Precious (Brother Conflict)

Tsubaki is a vampire who always target girls as his meals.. Until one night he meet a boy who don't have much time to live named , Azusa in the church. Azusa have a holy soul. Tsubaki like this human boys and want this boy to become his before this human die.


1. A Song For You ( Sailormoon X Kuroko No Basket )

Aino Minako is your 14 years old girl. Currently, she in mission to find her comrades and her beautiful princess Serenity. Because of this, she transfer to Teiko Middle school and accidentally join basketball team who been join by Generation of Miracle because she accidentally knock out the ace of Teiko basketball team. There she accouter with a pretty boy named Kise Ryota. With sudden nostalgic feeling when she see him for the first time and disguise as a boy named 'Minato' to fill Aomine place. . . What will happen to her next? ?

2. The Same Name ( Loveless X Kuroko No Basket )

Just wondering what happen if Ritsuka found his real fighter. The other LOVELESS. The one who share the name the same as him. And that person is Kuroko. I consider this happen after anime Loveless..

3. Love You (1001 Knights)

Yuta tell his brother what he feels about his twin elder brother. What Naito reaction to him?

Anyway feel free to PM me since I might need a critic for my story. .

and some idea. .

But. . Hey. .

Don't be so harsh at me. .

If you want to critic just critic a little not too much. .

I don't think I can handle it if I receive that impact.


Been busy with exam, assignment. .. . . And other private things. . .

So. . . I might in hiatus for some current time. . . .

To anyone who follow my story. . . Sorry. .. .

I hope you guys will wait for my next FanFic. .. _

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