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Even if you don't ever let me touch you again, please let me stay next to you anyway."

Kaname Kuran (Chapter 49 - Vampire Knight)

"I can't possibly let you go. If the only option I had was to lose you, then I would prefer death instead. Be it yours by my hand, or could you please kill me? I know what we could do, I could get Artemis back at the upcoming meeting with the hunters, and then you could put an end to my life with it, by your own hands."

"I will receive with full delight anything that you give me. Even if it was a cruel demand, a pain, or a blade to take my life. I would welcome it, as long as it came from you. You are the only one who has brought colors into the dull grey of ashes that my heart was."

"You are thirsting for my blood, aren't you? If you are, then please give me more pain..."

Kaname Kuran (Chapter 52 - Vampire Knight)

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