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Well some how someone got a hold of my profile and deleted it then added an untrue statement about supporting a certain annoying group. I wonder if it has happened to others. I will have to redo my profile soon.

I enjoy Naruto stories and crossovers, I read some others. Favorite crossovers are with High School DxD, Fairy Tail, Sekirei, and a few others.

When it comes to the cheating genre in most series I don’t mind it for some reason. I don’t care for it in the Naruto series for the most part, I have seen a few that were not bad. But what makes it bad is it is almost always because the one being cheated on is small, no stamina, and just over all bad, while the other is great in every way. Almost all come down to that, and it is not very creative reason to have cheating, or at least a boring one. Though they are usually easy to avoid.

Neglect/abandonment stories can be fun, but they to me are a very hard type of story to write. Most of the time one if not all his siblings are beyond spoiled and the parents never seem to do anything about them when they realize what is going on. The parents never do anything about what people say or do towards the child they want to make things up to. Redemption is very hard in these type of stories.

Naruto characters I like not all listed

Naruto: Yeah I wish he was smarter but he is still my favorite. Can’t stand what the Boruto series has done to him and a lot of others. I do believe most adult in his life failed him in a lot of areas, especially his education. It was not until after the war was he made to study.

Kushina: Really wish there would have been more to her backstory then was shown. Also wish she had more stories of her being a good mother, instead of a neglectful one. She almost never gets to be shown as a good mother.

Shikamaru: should have been portrayed as his best friend instead of Sasuke. He is one of the few to never put Naruto down with like most others. He would at least explain things to him if he did something stupid, most others just yell or punch him. I think being his assistant is great.

Hinata: I don’t care what people say about her. Yeah it would have been nice if she approached him as a child when he was alone. But she was kept away from him by her clan, and put down by her own father and family. The ones that should have picked her up did not and contributed to her shy nature, and destroyed her confidence. How can she be expected to talk to her crush when she thinks so low of herself?

Ayame: despite being only a side character she is one of the very few in the village to never look down on Naruto. If Naruto did not marry Hinata she would have made a good choice as well.

Fairy Tail characters I like not all listed

Natsu: Like Naruto though (well most main characters in these types of anime) is kept a little too stupid.

Lucy: I think she shows probably the most growth in the series. Her spirts go along with her, especially Virgo.

Erza: One of my favorite in the series. Her “secret” love of smut, does not really care about modesty, love of her strawberry cake, all armors and weapons and outfits, plus like Happy said its Erza.

Mira: So loved when she got her will to fight back. Goes from happy and sweet to very scary.

Juvia: Her out of control imagination, how she picks up Grey’s stripping habits.

Grey: His habit of stripping and not knowing. His rivalry with Natsu.

High School DxD characters I like not all listed

Rias: Yeah she can be a little manipulated, but she does care for her friends and family.

Akeno: The queen of S&M. I like how she can be both. Her teasing is great.

Asia: Sweet and innocent Asia, she just does not want to be left out.

Serafall: Wish I would show what she looks like in her adult form.

Characters I am ok with not all listed

Jiriaya: The super pervert, though I think he should have trained Naruto in all areas. He was not the best of Godfathers. His death was sad.

Kakashi: His open perversion and smut reading his funny, but he kind of failed Minato through Naruto. He could have done some more then he did.

Issei: He does tend to ruin most epic moments due to his perversion. Yeah he is honest and cares for his friends, but the battles that could be epic he ruins with his perversion.

Sakura: Her hitting Naruto and not even trying to explain what he did wrong was annoying. I mean she knows he is an orphan that no one would help or teach certain things a parent would. I hated her in part one especially her comments on orphans, and the only reason she regretted saying it was because it made Sasuke mad. If he did not care she would not have either.

Characters I hate not all listed

Sasuke: I don’t care for his redemption after some of the things he did and planned to do.

Orochimaru: His crimes are horrible, and should not have been redeemed.

Kabato: Seriously all those he killed, and what he did during the war. How did this monster get redeemed?

Obito: He did not deserve redemption, nor did he deserve to see Rin in the afterlife after what he did in her name.

Favorite couples




Naruto/female nine tails

Naruto/movie or filler girls

Natsu/Lucy or Lisanna


Issei/Rias or Asia

Pairings I just like

Naruto/most females in his series

Natsu/other women of fairy tail


Cross over pairings

Naruto/any of the women of that series

Hated pairings

Sasuke/Kushina, Ayame, Hinata and Female Nine tails

Female nine tails/anyone but Naruto or Kushina

Challenge 1 a story where Naruto is left behind and dies. Since he is dead Naruto does not appear, unless his parents have nightmares about the life they gave him.

A Naruto story where he was abandoned at birth for sibling. Parents especially Minato thought Naruto only had the soul which is proven wrong while they are away, and got Kushina to agree that they had to fake their death to teach the other child.

This does cause a lot of friction between them. They hope that the can make it up to Naruto when they get back. The sibling since they have the other half keeps having nightmares, not knowing that they are seeing what is happening the their sibling. This after a few years causes them to go back to the village no more the 9 not before 7

When the get back they find the village celebrating Naruto’s death. Naruto died at a very young age. He actually died no coming back. After their return the truth comes out, who his parents are, those that knew they were really alive, what Naruto went through. The village tries to apologize but Kushina goes on a rampage. During or after her rampage the other half of the nine tails comes back and takes back the half missing killing the sibling.

Kushina knows that it is because they left Naruto behind that both children are now dead. She leave planning on destroying the village now. She must find Obito, where she makes him suffer horribly and breaks him beyond repair. Takes and destroys his eyes, leaves him alive but with a bomb in his chest. Leaves him strung up where Minato kind find him. After seeing Obito’s memories he explodes dying.

Kushina must form an army to destroy the leaf. She must succeed, but can die in the end. Minato if he lives he is the only one from the village to do so.

Challenge 2 Naruto and High School DxD Female Issei still pervert.

The Uzumaki and Gremory are cousins, with the Uzumaki being the only devils to use chakra the way the Naruto world does. Starts in the Naruto world. Only a few Uzumaki live and after their village is destroyed go back to their home. Kushina stays to be a ninja and gather her pieces. Tailed beast do to the Uzumaki were turned into Youkai and are good friends to the Uzumaki.

Somehow what Kushina really is comes out after Naruto is born. She and her peerage leave after the village tries to call for her death along with Naruto. Minato is her queen. Jiriaya and Tsunade are both pieces as well.

Naruto and Rias much to their joy are engaged since they are close to each other in age. Naruto has to have some people from the Naruto world in his peerage.

Challenge 3 Naruto and Fairy Tail

Before Naruto is born, Minato accidently wound up in the Fairy Tail world a few times. He is somehow able to meet Mavis and make friends with her. On one of his trips there he is able to me Makarov and spends some time talking to him as well. He tells him the possible danger of his son’s birth.

Minato having a bad feeling about what could happen during the birth of his son, is able to make secret back up plans to move his family to Earthland. Tsunade is one of the few people who know of the plan, and will go through with it should she need to.

The birth goes as canon but Minato and Kushina survive. The elders and Danzo keep pushing to have Naruto taken from them and given to Danzo. They let it slip what Naruto carries with Kushina having the other half. The three let it slip Minato is being controlled by Kushina.

Most of the village turns on them wanting both killed. Minato, Kushina, baby Naruto, Tsunade, Shizune, the Ichuraku, and three others are able to escape to Earthland with all their belongings.

Naruto grows up with his family in Fairy Tail same age as Erza and Mirajane. Those from the Naruto world have their chakra and magic.

Challenge 4 reading of neglect story

Typical they are outside of time, so when they are done they go back when they left, with the knowledge of what they learn.

Future Kushina is the only one that does not have her chakra completely sealed. No matter what she does even if she kills them, they are fully healed a minute later in pain but alive. She regularly beats Minato and Jiriaya.

A future Kushina makes her younger self, Minato, Jiriaya, Tsunade, Shizune, Kakashi, Naruto and his sister, the elder toads, and one other watch what happens in the future. The children are asleep the entire time though. Future Kushina spends most of the time locked in the room with them.

She goes back in time sense even though the 4th ninja war ended in their favor, she lost both children. She goes back to just when she agreed to push Naruto aside, and the neglect is just starting. Minato believes that Naruto only has the soul, but is wrong. He split it in half like canon but with Naruto getting half and his sister getting the other half.

Frist thing that is shown is Minato being wrong about the sealing. Second thing that is shown is Jiriaya hearing the prophecy and getting it wrong. It shows him just feeling in the blanks as he saw fit. Then it picks up where they left. Just as they agree to push Naruto aside, and it just starting.

They see just how bad they end up treating Naruto, and the village seeing it starts to take their anger out on Naruto. It shows them not believing Naruto at all, and their daughter becoming a spoiled brat. She blames every bad thing her and her friends do on Naruto and him being punished for it. She does it since she does not want to get in trouble and plus she sees how he is treated by their parents.

Tsunade and Shizune are out of the village as this goes on and happen to come back after a very harsh beating. Minato and Kushina don’t believe them. So they and the one other or Kakashi end up leaving the village with Naruto going to another village. They end up stealing copies of Minato and Kushina’s notes on their Jutsu. They also are able to leave due to the Fire Daimyo gives them permission to do so. They join another village.

It takes a few years for them to notice Naruto, Tsunade, Shizune, and the other are gone. His sister saw the leave and was only sad her scape goat was gone. It is not until she graduates do they notice Naruto missing. That night all the truths come out, Jiriaya having the prophecy wrong, what their daughter and friends had been doing, what the village had been doing, and that Naruto is missing. Typical regret and for the wrong reasons as well. Tsunade becomes a mother to him.

Naruto has several run-ins with those from the leaf, but they all end up bad. Most of the time no fighting but the leaf ends up looking bad for how they try to get him back, especially his former family and those that are close to them. They watch Naruto’s life up until he and his sister die. It must be shown had they been both been raise together and with love they both could have lived. It shows their choice to push Naruto away is why both died.

Challenge 5 Naruto lives a happy life with both parents since it is so very rare. They are great parents

Naruto has the whole nine tails. Minato and Kushina obviously live through it. Kushina loses her ability to have more children, so Naruto is very special to her. Two people must die in their place though.

Anko and Shizune are Naruto’s age, his teammates, and best friends. Good Orochimaru who adopted Anko, Tsunade and an alive Dan adopted Shizune. Both have a big crush turned love for Naruto. He feels the same way.

Kushina and Tsunade have to sit the girls down when they graduate and tell them to share. Yeah Naruto is with both of them, from 2 to 9 girls with him.

Kushina must be their sensei.

Naruto and Kushina share the love of pranks and ramen. They don’t prank each other, but do pranks together every now and again. On the very rare time they get caught they are forced by Minato to clean it up.

Naruto and Minto share their love of Kushina’s hair and cooking.

They have other things they bond over like normal parents and their child.

Story is about Naruto’s adventures with Anko, Shizune, and any other possible girls.

The village can be a little wary of Naruto, but they don’t hate him. Even if at first it is because they fear Minato and Kushina to much to do anything to Naruto. That is because at one point Danzo did try something but was publicly and brutally beaten before being killed. The village does slowly get over their fear and hate like in canon.

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