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For Richard with all my love, August 2004.

I sit here, Dream and wonder,

I look into your eyes and fade away. You tempt me, you lure me,
Your innocence will let me dream today. Your eyes, they look in beauty,
They send a sense of lovingness. And they forbid me to look away.
Those eyes, they make me slowly drift away. Today is the day,
I'll never turn my back and walk away. I'll tell you, I love you,
I'll take my chance, in a twist of faith today.
If only, you'll be mine, I'll be with you, until the end of time.

I have waited for the day I could give this to you,

You will forever be a part of my heart and soul.


"Who WE Are at Any Given Time is NOT Necessarily Who WE WILL Always BE"

"It takes COURAGE to Grow Up & Turn out to BE who You REALLY ARE"

'e.e. Cummings'

"Of old, there was nothing, Nor sand, nor sea, nor cool waves,

Nor earth, nor heaven above.

Only the yawning chasm.

The sun knew not her dwelling,

Nor the moon his realm.

The stars had not their places."

"Three roots there are to Yggdrasil, Hel lives beneath the first.

Beneath the second the frost-giants, And men beneath the third."

" It only takes one to look into the Magic Mirror and see a great and profound,

unique truth, for the rest of the mirrors to wake up."

"Nothing real can be threatened, Nothing Un-real can be taken away,

Nothing Un-real exists."

"Life is a Lesson"

'Some get more Hands-on Experience than Others.'

I can show you the World, Shining, Shimmering, Splendid...

'Where did the shadow go when the light that cast it was gone?'

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