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Alexia Colette PM
Joined Jan '14

First and Foremost, I am a Nigerian Woman.

I consider myself to be unique. Sometimes calm and sophisticated and sometimes loud and boisterous. Some might say it goes along with my zodiac sign, Gemini.

The Arts (Music, Writing, Drawing) are what I live for. They allow me to travel to worlds I wish were real. Even if it's just for a moment before I am slammed back into reality.

I adore small animals such as bunnies, guinea pigs, kittens, and puppies. Though I have never had one. But I am planning to get one when I can.

My favorite color...I can never choose. It usually depends on the day or setting. I do find myself being drawn back to a lime green shade though.

I LOVE FOOD. I adore both cooking it and buying it as well as eating it.

My goal is to become successful in an IT field, publish a book and travel around the world.

My favorite quote would be, "You don't have to be famous to be unforgettable."-Unknown

In conclusion, if you haven't figured it out by now, I am a very creative, adventurous, free-spirited and independent person. If you ever need to chat, simply contact me.

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