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Hi! I'm Storm. 18, queer as a Golden Knut, female. I like shipping men together. My OTP is Albus Severus & Scorpius (is there a cuter couple? I think not), and I'm a fan of Harry/Draco as well (Harry may have been into Ginny, but Draco was definitely into Harry... Tom Felton has as good as admitted it). I am currently writing Undone, a new fic about Albus and Scorpius. There will be an update by every Tuesday. Please read & review! I may also be posting additional stories (mostly oneshots, most likely) if they pop into my head.

Undone: Chapter 9 is up. Please read and review!

PM me and I'll review your story.

I am looking for a beta for Undone. I don't know how long it is, but at the moment it's 12K words and will (obviously) be longer, maybe around 40K? More?

Also, if anyone knows who drew my Avatar please let me know! I would like to give him/her/them credit.

Much love, Storm

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