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Hello everyone, my name is Spiderman1fan and I am here to create some new spider-man and static shock stories and make the awesome as it can be. I will update as soon as I can, you just need to be patient, I am doing my best here.

I am a huge Spider-Man and Static Shock fan. This is my first time making these stories and I will try to the best that I can with the stories also, please review and say where I can do better or what you want in the stories

Static Character Profile

Name: Virgil Hawkins

Codename: Static

Height: 5'10

Weight: 150

Eye Color: Brown (Blue when using his powers)

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: Dreads, Long touch's his shoulder

Facial Hair: None (Future/Older version goatee)

Citizenship: American

Place of Birth: Paris Island, Dakota City

Martial Status: Single

Occupation: Student, Lab Assistance, Hero/Vigilante

Known Relatives: Robert Hawkins (Father), Jean Hawkins (Mother), Sharon Hawkins (Sister)

Personality: As Virgil Hawkins, he's like any teenage boy, he's into girls, get annoyed and into fight's with his older sister and father, but loves them. But he also possess a keen scientific mind (aseptically in engineering, chemistry, and physics), capable of using his powers in ways that other electrokinetics, such as Black Lightning, have not demonstrated. As Static, he's show off a cocky, witty and cool personality.

Powers: Meta-Human Physiology, as Virgil received his powers from Quantum Juice (Q-Juice). He have the powers to project, channel, generate, manipulate, and absorb raw electromagnetic energy, mainly being able to generate electricity from his body and fire powerful lightning bolt from his hand.

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