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i have nothing to say so i'll just tell anyone who's stumbled onto this that i have two obsessions.

Harry Potter and Angel. These are the main fanfics i read and write.

I decided to change this thing everytime i update, so this time- Things in the Harry Potter fandom that annoy me:

1. Brunette!Harry - Have the books not said 50,000 times that Harry has 'jet black hair'?

2. Ginny and Lily - the amazing one born 20 years after the other identical twins. it's a miracle.

3. Harry as an animagus - Does he ALWAYS have to be a phoenix, why can't someone make him a frog or a butterfly?

4. Sixth year fics where Harry's patronus is Sirius' animagus form - I don't mind if it's a stag and a dog, but if it's just the dog *sobs* poor James.

5. Those one-shot fics that take place in the hospital wing, and Harmione is telling Ron or Ron is telling Hermione what went on in the department of mysteries - I haven't got anything against these types of fics, it's just that people ALWAYS say that Sirius was like an older brother or the cool uncle Ron and Hermione had never had, and usually that Ginny and Sirius had got really close aswell. Maybe i'm just biased because i'm a Harry fangirl, but hellooo, he was Harry's godfather *pouts*. Him and Harry never got to spend any time together without Ron and Hermione. I want Harry and Sirius bonding, not Sirius and Ron/Hermione/Ginny. They already have their own families, Sirius was Harry's, you hear me Harry's Harry's Harry's.

6. Almost anything to do with the films *Gnashes teeth*. Do they annoy everyone else as much as they annoy me? I swear, if i didn't love Gary Oldman so much, i would just swear off the films forever. Although the third film wasn't as bad as the first two. The second film was the worst though, where Harry and Hagrid hug at the end IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GREAT HALL IN FRONT OF EVERONE i was cringing into a cushion hoping i was delusional.

on a side note BIG BROTHER 5 FINISHES TONIGHT. I hope Nadia wins, she deserves it. All the bookies think she will, and they've never got the winner wrong so fingers crossed. I suppose anyone who doesn't live in England doesn't know what i'm talking about, but that doesn't matter, who reads these things anyway?

There's some really cool stories on my favourites list so if you're into HP or Ats check it out. okay bye :)

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