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Percival 'Jaded Black PM
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Sup I'm Percival.

I am a YOUTUBER!!! The name is "Percival Black" On Youtube, I don't like to brag but i am pretty big right haha (If 36 subscribers is big), i make beats and such, plus my audio book, i haven't updated in a while, but thats just because COVID is so god dang stressful.

Also imma let you all know that my Justice Reborn story has an audiobook on Youtube, its labeled Justice Reborn: DBZ X DC COMICS Chapter 1, there is also a trailer so you might wanna check that out first, go and subscribe if you like what you hear! Its under a channel called Black-Line Production, my logo is a red A with a black background.

Anything else? Well when i started writing on Fanfiction i really couldn't handle the 'mean' kids so it drove me from finishing a story, although 'mean' kids are nothing to me now, the passion for my previous stories are completely gone, so the only active one i have now is Justice Reborn! The story does not have an ending, it will go on until i cannot think of any other story plot, but be assured that i have not abandoned Justice Reborn, it will be updated when i have the time to write the next chapter!

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