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Rufy SaeYuki PM
Joined Jan '14, Indonesia

Hi.. I'm Rufy SaeYuki, or Rufyes.

active to reading fiction Lol

I'm fan of SaeYuki, coz kagekidan infinity.

My favourite anime shows :

Bloom into you, Citrus, Valkyrie drive, Maria sama ga miteru, Strawberry panic, Kanazuki no miko, Neutzu trap, Akuma no riddle.

My favourite Manga:

Doctor love, Ratana pulse.

My favourite Film :

Yes or No(Thai), Girls Love, I can't Think Straight, Once a Time With You(Chinese), Mo Tian Ji(SNH48)

Fav couple:

  • Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor (Supergirl).

  • Cara/Kahlan (Legend of the Seeker).

  • Shin Yunbok/Jong Hyang (Painter of the Wind).

  • Kai/Ray (Mendol Ikemen).

  • Mulan/Aurora (Once upon a time series).

  • Clarke/Lexa (100).

  • Bo/Lauren (Lost Girl).

  • Actually I like boy x girls fict when I found this web, but after a story about girl and boy love with same girl. its change everything, even before I already did. Already in yuri thing Lol.

    The more I reading the fict, more fallin in to girl x girl story. GXG story more amazing to me than ever now. yuri thing is the best...

    #look like I have a type of my OTP blonde n brunette. duh... (sep'20)

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