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Joined Apr '01
Description: Female/Evil/Lazy/Artistic/Confusing/Short tempered.


Good books: Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Discworld, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Sandman, Transmetropolitan...
Good music: Queen, Muse, rock, strange music, strange rock, classic rock, Muse, Led Zeppelin.

I used to write some humour fanfiction, but only one of my fics got finished, and I'm not quite satisfied with the way it turned out. I'd like to re-wite The Lands of Harry Potter Clichés, but at is is, I don't have any time. It was a good idea, though, and I won't forget it in a hurry. If you'd like to see some of my old stuff, contact me and I'll try to find it.

Sarah Black is a genius and capable of anything. Read her fics or we shall steal your socks! (Again. We'll take your favorite pair this time.)

Our homepage, Fle, is here: http:///~halla/

Feel free to E-mail me if you have some reason to communicate with me.

I am one of The Three Prime Evils, and also the founding member of the RPG Of Nonsense And No Rules, may it never rest in my twisted head and not be forgotten.
DragonMaiden is a wonderful person and one of my favorite authors. Sarah Black and I have both participated in her Second Challenge.

Our Yahoo group got deleted, too.

Stuff I'm doing these days: Feeling Dazed and Confused in my new and very nice school, working hard to avoid real work, listening to my recently enlarged CD collection, reading Terry Pratchett's Discworld books again and living peacefully with mom. I've made a lot of good friend in the last few months. Sarah Black, Miriam G and I still hang together, read their stuff!

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