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I Do Not Expect this EVER to be found and read I just want my thoughts to be out in the open but not exposed, so the following are ideas I thought up over the years and I would love if somebody used them because I never found myself ever going past the summary.(I usually get distracted)

Important: If Someone manages to actually find this. I would very much like some credit.

Arco Lantern Corp- "Get up we’ve got things to do!"(Arco ring AI)

In the end of reigns In the return of the light.

Arco lanterns will all unite.

To save the heroes the lost in the fight.

Let the lanterns burn with all their might.


Ring-clear crystal like (See-thru) lights up when activated ring needs light source to recharge must remain emotionally balanced to remain a Arco Lantern


unknown, basic information is embedded within ring, ring can learn new info threw user, number of members: unknown, Although their presence is felt by other members throughout the universe. Number of rings: unknown.


The ring does not search for the user. By destiny or chance the user finds the ring.

Ring Abilities-

Basic lantern skills, ring grants user information by communicating directly to user by psychic link. Elemental Entity

(Golem)Creation- uses the 4 elements to create sentinels that will help said Arco lantern. In creating the entity the ring embodies each entity with different lantern corp abilities. Lantern mimicry- when an Arco lantern focuses on one of the emotions of the lantern spectrum they will be able to mimic the lanterns ability as long as they focus on the emotion. Drawback- if the lantern focuses too much on the emotion the ring will change permanently until the user dies. if an Arco lantern dies by suicide the lantern they will become a black lantern.

Artemis Fowl- not enough information to even consider creating stories

(Must finish entire series to proceed.) What the heck? lets try it!

Artemis has great potential for an Iron Man plot line.

I was also thinking a Stargate could be used in another storyline.

Panty & Stockings with Garterbelt

Geek Boy's New Look ( Regeneration)

Storyline (unclear) -Romantic, action, comedy,(most likely harem)

Angel (“The Officer”) (His left side)

Blue eye (Left)

Light Blonde hair

Pale white skin

Angel wing

White angel Gauntlet (Wrist Sword)

fingers-Pty and St


Demon (“The Raider”) (His right side)

red eye (Right)

deep red hair

red skin tone

panty raider (pervert)

Bat wing

Demon tail

Lava demon Gauntlet (Fire balls & Punches)



Three fingered gauntlets (panties used)

Normal power- hand to hand combat

Full power

Hammer & Chisel (Bras used) / Hammer- St and Kn , Chisel- Pty and Ska

Normal mode

Orange hair (Bangs),jumpsuit, wings shrink, demon tail shortens half its size, Backpack hollowed out to hide tail and wings, Red and Blue eyes remain, Mentally unstable-due to change, becomes difficult to hold normal mode.

Ideas for The World God Only Knows...and many others

  1. Regen Half angel and half demon similar to geekboys plot, Different weapons (fighting will be involved)

  2. Every conquests memories return all at once (why? improvise!)--(comedic value)

  3. The Deletion Anomaly- Kemai is wiped from his world's existence. A combination of both physical and mental, kemai is completely wiped from existence and, all traces of him are removed from history, time, space, memories, and reality. Physical evidence such as photographs and name lists do not serve any reminder, as the girls would simply believe it to be someone they have no knowledge of. Thier sub-conscious will eventually lead to idea #2. Kemai will return (the game shop) and so will his existence (slowly).

  4. New conquests- Monster girls (can transform) Idea 1# can be used to for his own or their protection/ No more than 5 monster girls/Group name: Titans

  5. High tech game (like SAO) an AI falls in love with Kemai, tries to escape the Virtual world to the 3D world (magic is needed)

  6. The Golden Arrow- impossible shot (not necessarily for TWGOK) a an arrow is shot, moves at incredible speed, moves, curves even teleports to keep on target. Any attempt to deflect it is impossible. Think Yaka Arrow. This is a weapon made to kill heros (contingency weapon).

  7. Kemai regenerates. Brown to Blonde with black streaks

No great change, Two Personality (Old and New one) killed by Vintage member, Was alone when died (the end of the third season) a few seconds later conquested girls remember him.

Stories can be fused together if needed. Doctor regenerations only, The explosive regen can be small or large but it must be noticed! The regeneration itself can choose to either resume old life or create a new one.

Idea 2# is suggested to make things interesting. *Possible lack of information I think should try reading the manga series.

Infinite Stratos- (info and world based on season 1) Ichika's I.S is completely destroyed during a battle leading the school to send him away (his I.S being the only one that works for him ,let's say). The girls reactions are pretty obvious. Ichika stays secluded at his house in a kind of depression. The girls try to visit him as much as they but end up leaving him alone in his home often due to school. Anyway a scientists called Jarvis visits him at his house a few days after all that. He offers Ichika an intriguing chance. If he came to work for him as his guinea pig, he would have a chance to gain his ability to help people like he did with his I.S./ Ichika's new job takes up most of his time making the girls (including Sister) wonder what he is doing with his time. Jarvis builds a suit designed to be better than an I.S in every way . Blue and silver version of iron man suit, call it an I.M (iron man reference). Extremis armor used. Eventually they will find out about him and..(Dammit got distracted and lost my train of thought ) Jarvis’s backstory when he was young, and I mean child young, he was an engineering prodigy working for the government creating weapons, however that was short lived because after the discovery of the I.S program he basically faded into obscurity, but he was alright with that (because of some of his weapons being sold on the black market and such reasons) he wanted to live a more peaceful life. What really pissed him off where the assassination attempts on his life by who he assumed was secretly the I.S program trying to kill any potential competition because even though they said he was of no use (because of their new child prodigy Tabane Shinonono ), he was still as smart as ever before. which is where he starts his I.M project (initially for protection) and eventually leads him in ichika.

Gravity Falls: Omnitrix Idea- this could probably be used for many other things, but these were what I came up with recently. Gravity Falls- this will begin after the portal incident. while dismantling the portal the machine jolts back to life for a mere moment. In that moment something will shoot of the portal out the basement and into the forest. Great Uncle Stanford knowing full well the dangers of the portal goes out to look for the potentially dangerous object. Dipper offers to help Ford find this object, he obviously refuses telling him that it's too dangerous. This of course leads to the cliche of him going anyway. the rest is pretty much self explanatory. Omnitrix will have relatively the same abilities, except he will not be able to transform to any ben 10 canon aliens only the monsters in gravity falls, the watch will still be able to accept new DNA and the watch will be still be locked onto the person's wrist. Possible New Features will unclued that the watch will be able to create portals (like the one fords machine made)Portals will be relatively small and last about 5 minutes

Random Quotes I like-

Winston S. Churchill- “When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed That he had a lot of troubles in his life, most of which never happened”.

Mine: “Due to an unfortunate chain of events that have “nothing” to do with me (running), you have been scheduled for termination”.

It’s Over _. Over!? / Why my dear delusion _ _.….. It hasn’t even begun (Manic laughter)

For idea #3 (TWGOK) - “He was erased, and yet traces of him continue to bleed through”.

Random Creation story I came up with when I was thinking about Avatar the last Airbender Show: In the beginning there was stillness and in the stillness, Darkness was nothing. Until a voice called out saying “Let there be light” and so there was. As light met Darkness, Stillness ceased to exist creating the “Great Change”. As the parent of Darkness disappeared Darkness cried out in fear and attacked the light blaming it for the loss of its Parent. Light defended itself by creating Power.Darkness in anger and fear created Mass to protect itself from power. As the battle subsided the 3 elements settled themselves into existence. The Great Change now know as space and wind spread itself towards infinity bringing light and darkness with it. Power also know as Fire spread itself quickly yet frugally, greedly bundling itself together snapping at what ever came near it. Mass or Earth was in a eternal or rather futile attempt to make itself one but in its attempts to gather itself its essence breaks on impact with larger clumps effectively spreading farther in many more pieces. As the 3 settled themselves into patterns light began to ponder it intial meet with darkness. As Light began to feel guilty about it's bad impression and decided to try and amend it.

“Original” Idea

Tony Foxwolf-

model number TH-09 (Termination Hybrid: 9th series) genetically engineered warrior subspecies prototype invented (illegally using her own DNA) & birthed (why she birthed him it is unknown) by High ranked researcher/philosopher called Elpis Isis Spes or Hope

for short. The Main species (species name) looks a bit like a crocodile except with a sail on their back (usually three, positions can vary) the original species can absorb different kinds of energy usually thermal, static, and small amounts of solar radiation.The energy provides them a health boost shortening healing time and helps in time of food shortages. Newer subspecies have increased energy capacity and widens the kinds of energy they can absorb. The new energies not only help them control themselves physically but mentally as well giving unexpected powers all categorized as Evolution Control or Supreme Adaptation. Other normal characteristics include : two brains, Intelligent one in head, Instinctive one in middle of spine. Scale colors: blue,green,or black hues, some have a rainbowish reflection (genetic trait).

Current events of Tony and his species's History Tony’s species were for a long time multiversal beings (almost fifth dimensional). Species near extinction (WAR WITH THE SYMBIOTES)/ Original home planet (Amber) missing--destruction not confirmed. Tony’s ship exterior is large stone cube (improvised shell/ Primary function of cube is unknown to Tony)/ interior (bigger on the inside) whole actual ship inside cube. Real ship about the size of the moon.

Crystal Savepoint- crystal pillar left on planets from different universes by Tony to keep watch on the universe current state. When Tony regenerates the crystal "Updates" looks similar to regeneration (design changes). Names for Tony & Others - The Coordinator, Infinity Keeper, Hero Saver. Companions & etc- GIR- Insane robot, cyan color, broken, found on abandoned planet, Capacities and features are unknown. Theory- self adapting robot? The Symbiotes- ooze like creatures, take hosts usually for substance (one-way), but can remain with the host and give them benefits but will eventually take the body as their own.

Strongest symbiote ever is know as "The End". Age-unknown, size- unmeasurable. Ends influence is felt throughout the multiverse (as the end that comes to all things). Offspring- #:unknown. one important one to mention called "VENOM" self proclaimed blood of all evil.

Sandman Protocol- In the event of Death or to prevent the death of someone important. The subjects body will be dispersed into small sand-like particles (they will remain in a kind of suspended animation). The subject will eventually collect themselves to reform their body.

Ghostrider Story line- This can be used for practically any series, it must require “The Deal” with evil forces, Gruesome transformation, The rest is implied (for us).

Kung Fu Panda-

Either Po is betrayed or furious five separate because of argument. anyway… Po will be on his own for a short time and all trace of him will disappear. The five will split off to do their own either training or anything I can come up with. Soon the five will rejoin and start looking for Po (reason to be determined). Po has taken up a disguise and two new OC partners. Crow and Dove (Siblings? Spouses?) they helped Po in a time of need.Crow is a mechanic and amater magic user.He makes his living as a blacksmith.Dove works as a librarian and a singer at the inn when she is not busy. About his disguise Po will lose one life and gain two more. Using magical cookies Po can transform into a Black bear and a Polar Bear whenever he eats one. The Black Bear calling himself “Grave” with his partners nicknamed “Heaven” and “Hell” fight evil in the dead of night. The Polar Bear who calls himself “Nitrous” owns bar/inn which he takes care of during the day.

Percy Jackson Ideas-

  1. Percy or (My OC)Tony - The Son of Chaos

- (God of Events?),
Dark Matter Manipulation. Chaos - Woman and Man (son sees as mother most of the time). The Son is claimed by Chaos by Burning the Chaos symbol tattoo on his back. (Opinional) Doppelgänger power- The Arrows in the Chaos symbol represent parts of the boys being. The Arrows split one by one each with one single arrow point on single direction on their backs. Ideas for doppelgangers- Gods- Right arrow (Girl), The Human- Northeast arrow, The Pure of Heart- Upwards Arrow, The Natural- Northwest arrow, The Insane- Southwest Arrow, The Soulless (Robot)- Southeast Arrow, The Corrupt- Downwards Arrow, - Left Arrow ,Self Being- Center Dot.

Percy Jackson’s Love Life- Love Opinions - Not Annabeth (Sorry there is already too much for her), Nothing Gay ( I’m not judging. I just can’t relate to that), Goddesses Artemis or Athena (For Tsundere Characteristics), The Hunters (I’m thinking Harem), Goddess Hestia (Because she needs someone), Rachel, Thalia, Cleo(? maybe but probably not).

EPIZON: God of All Monsters- (God of Survival) New camper appears (Not Demigod) no in human form. Is claimed like any other demigod, A symbol of claw marks appears above him, AND he partially transforms into a monster for the first time (Tail and Sail) .Had no idea that he was even monster . “He” was one of the first things to scare Gaia,the first thing to bite her The Ring of Fire (explanation) Technically speaking he was Gaia's pet .Excellent Quote for this: Before there was time, before there was Chaos, there was nothing, and before there was nothing, there were monstersFalls in love with Apollo Hunter girl (Lyra). Powers while in Human form: Backside energy sail (You get the idea (hopefuly)). Staff weapon? Fire powers? hand energy blasts? Most likely Survival Adaptation to explains how he can turn human. Reg Monster- (SCP-682)Epizon and Tony half controlling. God Monster- (Godzilla-like Form)Epizon take full control.Tony can talk to him in his mind. SCP-682 powers only a little bit slower, but more effective . He appeared from acid lake in Ijen, Indonesia (his resting place / Blue Fire )The Primes- the first primordial gods. They recreated their old universe from scratch. Because they could no longer control the dominant species there they now called Monsters. Reason for Awakening: Fate? Random? Set time?. FUTURE: Will battle most powerful monsters in Greek/Roman Mythology(WILL WIN) will eventually battle other pantheons. Will create a society of monsters. Makes Dome City in Tartarus. City will be know as TERATON. Monsters will help with constriction. Will travel with Hunters? (for her). I promised lyra by my fathers (unknowingly) name that I will be with her to protect father will make me keep my promise no matter what. I will need the approval of Tartarus to build the city.Or he needs to kill or defeat Tartarus in order to create a new rule in Tartarus. In human form will be King of Teraton (the new city). The city will need a way to enter and exit. The main physical entrance will be a Dark Cave opening (SOMEWHERE?). The second will require a ritual for a portal into the city.1. you need to find a door, any door will do. 2. the monster needs to scratch the door with its claws or at least make a mark on it with its body. 3. the monster needs to require help or good reason to “enter the lions den”. 4. open the door normally and there should be complete and utter blackness ahead. 5. walk Example on how he will handle monsters- Medusa: she will try to turn him into stone. It will work for a while but he will adapt and eventually break out of his stone casing. he will then be immune to her eyes (an impossible feat). This will shock her (the only thing in the world to look at her in the eye and survive). He will then trap her and surprisingly shows her mercy.(This power was given to him by the goddess of memory) Empathic eyes- he will feel her pain (her life). She will witness it. (Harem connection very possible here). After Quotes: Tony: Who am I? Medusa/other: “bows” my Savior/or Hero. Tony’s life story- he was an orphan he then ran away and lived on the streets an american family found while visiting his (town?). It was then they adopted him and took him to america. Family- either single mother or new started family with one small child. Tony’s fatal flaw?- is it doubt that he can help his people or maybe is it because he knows the ending . Lyra’s fatal flaw- i don’t know (also very possible make lyra goddess of taming?). Eipzon’s life story- When the Primes decided to remake their universe . They had to collect all the forces and such of the universe back to its purest forms. Epizon was along with the rest of the beings in the universe./the beings in this universe were powerful and manipulate forces compared to our universe they were all gods/ Unlike the most of the beings he was alive during the process.His consciousness somehow remained intact and bonded with his essence causing mass confusion and made him witness to the end of his universe. As the very last of the forces were collected to one single place Epizon saw the final glimpses of his universe ending. This is when the explosion took place (big bang). Epizon’s essence held tightly to itself as the primes quickly began their construction. As the Primes were finishing the basic structure of their universe Epizon’s essence had been left to heal and reconstruct itself, changed by the forces it had been exposed to. The Primes soon gained knowledge of a foreign but familiar presence in their new realm. The huntings immediately began. Epizon was hunted because of the threat his seem to pose of the Primes new realm. In fear for their new universe the “The War” started. After an unknown amount of time of battles with newly created being and rare one on one battles with one of the Primes. The War had eventually ended on the basis of out numbering. Epizon finally getting sick of the endless battles he tried to find someway of finding peace. Technically the war never ended but basically stopped because Epizon no longer wanted to participate. The Primes eventually capture him only to ask(actually force him) for a favor. For him this was the most unlikely thing to happen in the universe and his life (so far). They informed him of the experiments creating new beings. This disgusted Epizon as they told him that beings went wrong sometimes and how they couldn’t bring themselves to destroy their new creations unlike how they destroyed his universe without a second thought. The Primes told him of the prison planet a place were they kept the experiments that would not cooperating. They then told him that one of their own had been trapped in the planet while doing something they didn’t inform him about. They forced him down the planet because even though they had greater numbers they didn’t at the time have greater power. As he crashed to the prison planet the fighting immediately began again. A voice came into his head and tried to communicate with him. A woman's voice, it was the trapped prime he was sent for. She pleaded for his help (reluctantly) and strangely he agreed. Their was something strange about this woman Prime for one she had survived on the planet with these.. creatures these monsters. Second was she acted strange for a prime. The way she acted was unlike prime he encountered. This interested Epizon something that hasn't happened in a long time. It took a while for him to reach her all the while he communicated with her mentally. When they were communicated together. This being the only conversation he had have in a long time. As a small speck of friendship and something more began to spark. Thier conversion consisted of him telling her of his battles and demanding explanations for their actions. She attempted to give him good reason for their actions eventually falling in the end. Thing got interesting when he reached her. He found her hidden in a deep cave far away from all the creatures. Epizon was half way there when the creatures that were tracking him poured into the cave to get him. As the battle heading toward its end Epizon’s power level was extremely low his previous battle took alot out of him. As the final was wave of creature was about to get him, He was about to go critical and in fusion term was very, very bad. All a sudden a wave a power moved threw him and towards the wave stopping them in their tracks. Epizon converted some of the power into energy that he absorbed to prevent him from going critical.(I really need to stop getting distracted)

Epizon’s old universe- All kinds of life was sentient there were very few ways of living. Replication and Absorption for an example. Epizon lived in absorption. He can absorb the matter and energy of his killings to survive. Replication on the other hand includes for example Symbiote-like creatures or just regular mating. The big bang changed Epizon’s absorption capabilities in the end it caused him to be able to absorb more and different energy and matter than ever before (Try to make You are Umasou backstory)

Tony’s Death and Greatest Creation- Think 13th Regeneration to create three babies base them on the Animaniacs. Tony’s energy splits into the three baby (his babies) resulting in his technical death. By the time of tony's death he and his “father”s consciousness had somewhat fused into one(ish). One more thing is their mother’s (yes I mean plural let me explain) Neither tony or his wife could have children due various reasons. So surrogates were needed these surrogates were some of the hunters of Artemis. (I need a reason why there was Three children born from three different hunter). These hunters would really need to “love” tony to do this for him.

On another note In the Epizon plot line I was thinking if Tony should have a sister (not related of course (part of his adopted parents family) and for her to be a hunter/ next edits made 9/25/15 (a long time after this above (damit!)

I came up with this idea of adding monster girl inside the harem. A water nymph for a sister like relationship, Lyra (obviously), Artemis (maybe), Medusa (i think), A third monster that could be someone tony turned into a monster(fangirl maybe?), and tony’s actual (read above) (human) sister who is a hunter.

Ben 10 Idea-

Okay this is going to be ANOTHER regeneration story. I really need to get more creative

. Anyway, Ben with Die on a uninhabited planet during a great battle. His onmtirx will detonate and a large Quasar will slowly (quicker than usual) will be created. The A.I within the omnitrix will try desperately to save ben in turn creating the Regeneration Program. The A.I will send a beacon to space to find help but the quasar being born near them create a sort of disturbate not really stopping the signal but sending in a space it souldnt be able to go to. This signal will attract the attention of a Scientist Exploration ship with a species of aliens similar to Alien X but looks more a The Silver Surfer. The said alien will find a glowing ben tennyson floating near a birthing quasar. The Aliens (sorry I don't have name for them) will create a small (that will grow larger)base within the quasar in order to study him and most the quasar that they were there for in the first place. The “New” Ben is woken up by the aliens (think Green lantern movie induction process). Unknown to both of them at the time the A.I (that will soon be know as Trix) had downloaded “herself” on the aliens computer system and will be reintroduced later on. The alien will study ben as he adjusts himself mentally and physically to his new body. the alien had taken place studying ben final regen process. During the regen the omnitrix(without A.I) attempted to fuse itself with ben but it could not do it on its own. Seeing what the device was trying to do the alien used its “scientific know how” (so sorry) to help the device. In the end, the faceplate of the omnitrix would be in the center of his chest in the final fusion (think Iron man Arc Reactor). Now fused one cannot work without the other. Ben body would be flooded with what I call “Compression Cells” containing the DNA of his alien forms (obviously).Unrelated- what do you think of calling the new omnitrix it the “OMNIACTOR”.

The next few months the alien will help ben adjust and trian ben new body in exchange the the alien would allow ben to answer distress calls that the base would pick up and the alien would be allow the study Ben's new biomechanical body.Eventually the A.I would reveal itself after reconstituting itself within the aliens computers the mind had grow during this time creating more human characteristics. This new way of thinking will causes the A.I distress making her notice within faulty machinery inside the base. A.I will then have a tantrum causing all the machinery to go haywire. In an attempt to try to calm this new discovered A.I down ben touches one of the screens that had the words “help me” and “let me out” all over and some does something that shocks the A.I. You see while concentrated on the A.I thinking about ways to help “her” the omnitrix in his chest began to think of ways as well. The omnitrix sensed a sentient being in distress with no body,so it did the most rational thing it could think of. It created a body for “her”. Searching for species (Upgrade) that could contain her ben eyes had started to grow green and the A.I had stopped every malfunction she had been causing and focused her all attention on a weird pulling sensation that was coming from ben and the fact she was even feeling a sensation in the first place. Anyway the omnitrix began to download her from the computers and into her new body.This process was indicated by a glowing vain that started from where ben hand had touch the computer travel down his arm threw the omnitrix face plate on his chest, down his other are were a formless mass was coming out of the palm of his hand. This formless ball of mass eventually began to take a humanoid shape and faintly glowing circuit line started to glow. A.I then woke up in her new body to see ben collapsed on the floor moaning and murmuring in an unconscious state. The A.I’s (or Trix’s) body had a basic female shape to it and basic human properties like two eye, two arms etc. She had normal human skin with faint glowing circuit like tattoos around her entire body and before a say anything else she had clothes on when she was created. (think of the people from the Tron movie.).Moving on, When Ben wakes up he temporarily has amnesia and with the A.I not being much help since she had just recently been created. He assumed he was on a enemy ship ,not noticing his new physical condition he and the A.I (he will soon call Trix) found and took an escape pod off the base.(i need to work on this,it's pretty flimsy).The alien if you were wondering was on another part of the base trying to fix the mess the malfunctioning equipment had made (the alien assuming ben had taken care of the problem). Ben will want to go back to earth which were a clich back from the dead plot will arise.

This next few word will describe the event leading up to ben death

(something I should have done before I wrote all of this above).

Avatar the Last Airbender

Danny Phantom Ideas

“The Antibody”- A Giant White ball floating in the Ghost Zone. Created by Danny when he either quit, was betrayed, or was injured severely (He uses his ghost powers to create a realm for himself). Inside the ball is a Amazing Sort of Modern Medieval Venice Town called “Phantown” (sorry for the Pun) with Danny acting as King. The residents of this town are ghosts looking for a home and a peaceful afterlife. Danny gives the residents who want to pay him back work by guarding the Antibody and fighting anyone who threaten the innocent inside and outside of the Ghost Zone, Danny gives them one of Wulfs claws (given voluntarily) to each squad in order to travel in and out the Ghost Zone. Hidden Gargoyle ghosts guard over the Fenton household. Ghosts that are not consciously approved by Danny cannot enter the Antibody.The Antibody grows with the more ghost that enter the Antibody.Eventually Friends, Family, and other go out searching for Danny and blah,blah Cliche,Cliche (Desiree most likely gets them thought the Antibody) . Idea 2# “Blasted to the Past”- The Title explains a bit. Anyway Danny will replace Desiree as Genie in the Timeline. Timeline Distorted. A hell of a day for Clockwork (or Lady Clockwork I heard about someone making him into a woman, this could go well for a possible Harem) . I'm not quite sure how this will happen. He could wish it to happen or it could be a accident in battle or maybe could happen due to tampering with the Ghost Portal. The Event would throw Danny into the Void (Doctor Who) making the Void Ship “...” immediately find and catch him sending back in the wrong time with genie powers During Inspection Process (Green Lantern Movie Induction) Danny almost fades the people of the Void save him but giving power during the Inspection (Think Captain America Transformation, Not Muscles though...well maybe a little) this process gives him genie power with granting people wishes (not yet). The people who save him are similar to genies which explains how it happened ( pretty flimsy but I’ll use it anyway) when the transformation changed him it also changed his suit (think of the green lantern movie suit only with grayish silver replacing the green and on his chest is his D emblem). The People who save him do not trust danny with the power they had accidentally given him so they made swear an oath to want looked like a Genie lamp which they explain is a prison chamber that would only be open from the outside.Before I go on, When Danny goes into the void the void erases his entire existence on and off Earth (like Peter Bishop from Fringe). All he his actions are still there but people's memories were altered to exclude his existence. This only half works on Clockwork making him very confused therefore making him investigate this anomaly. Desiree will be affected more than the others since her life was changed the most, The universe, not liking any sort of Paradox, will attempt to fix this. I have two Ideas One is making Her (an orphan or foreign exchange student) Human with a sort of hazy memories or what I feel most probable making her a lost ghost with no history. When she sleeps she will dream of Danny and her previous life thus causing her to go and look for answers. The World now is barely any different except Danny Phantom was just an Urban Legend. The Fentons still live where they always have with their only child Jazz. Danny that should have been Danny's Room was badly burned because of an experiment they had conducted (that not really why but that's what they assumed happened)Think of it like spontaneous combustion the walls and floor were covered with ash and burn marks but the actual walls and floor weren't actually burnt and no-one in the Fenton family could remember what had actually been burned (aka Danny's Stuff Existence Disintegrated).This would also happen to what should have been Danny Locker and any else I can't remember .These mysterious areas and objects are rarely touched or entered because anyone who did would feel a strange empty sensation making people think it is cursed or haunted. Danny’s Parents would leave his room empty, not even bothering to clean up the burn marks and ash, not even using it for storage because of this effect . Anyway Danny’s New persona is still there and fighting ghostly and real crime just like before but I will explain that later.While Danny was forced to live through history. He met some of his past/future enemies (I hope you understood that) before they died. Danny would try his best he could to better their lives or prevent their tragic demises. Danny would still helps people because of a twisted wish he had used against one of his more evil masters.”Help Them!” This wish was simple and easy to misenteroet giving Danny a chance to chose who exactly he would help. Sadly during this long time Danny had fail to save his future enemies and had accidently new future others. His influence on his enemies will change him in more ways than he could have hoped for. He will eventually reach his original timeline the long way and by that time he could barely remember anything from his old now non existent life. This will otherwise solve any future knowledge time paradoxes from happening for now. Now we get back to Desiree and his use to be friends and family.

Steven Universe Ideas

1# :This is really simple, think of the infinity stones from Marvel but turn them into crystal gems.

Idea #2: “ The Galaxy is on …. Steven’s Bellybutton” Anyway Steven will lose his mother's gem in a battle or something ( to be thought up later) he does not die instead he ends up in a coma. Rose Quartz ( if i decide not to destroy the gem) will be brought back only she will look (younger? the same?) Steven will (somehow) receive a new gem the Galaxy Gem. Most likely give him Neo (Matrix) powers and a few extras. Idea 3# “The Ring Procedure” Think wolverine get his adamantium skeleton. Steven will start thinking about how weak he is compared to the others and then he will look for a way to get stronger. A new gem ( whose appearance and reason of being elude me at the moment) will help him. They are friends in this world and he is a scientist (new Idea: he was outcasted (or actually chased out) from homeworld for his ideas on fusion and artificial enhanced gems ( nothing horrible, unless it helps with the story). DAMMIT! GOT DISTRACTED AGAIN. Idea 4# “The Glitch”. Basic “Stitch has a Glitch” plot. Steven’s gems is cracked and obviously he glitches into a gem monster ( to be imagined later) and the rest goes along a with plot. This will be a Connie and steven pairing story (probably) with Connie taking up the role as Lilo here. Anyway during the entire story unbeknownst to everyone a tree that blooms roses on the top of the cliff will be lightly glowing pink because in the center a new rose quartz gem will be being grown to replace steven’s soon to be shattered gem. that is why it will go well when steven “passes” there .similar to stitches death scene in the movie. the entire tree will bloom, as in split apart, and revel steven’s new gem giving him new life. Idea #5”: “The Ghost Gem” or “The SandGem”. During a incident, steven and his gem are completely and utterly shattered leaving only a little pile of pink sand-dust. Steven is “destroyed” alongside the Desert Glass gem ( which built stuff out of sand) which explains how he will come back as a Sand-Quartz-Man. The rest is obvious plot (paring story not sure who yet “Connie”? “Peridot”? “Lapis”?) steven will “pull himself together” into his usual self only with a green gem outline around his gem. Not sure what to do afterwards but i do have some ideas for some new powers like Shapeshifting: like amethyst (maybe a little better) and maybe I could allow steven to use his sand to influence inanimate objects like some sort of power embodiment.(yep, i like it!) Idea #6” “ The BFF “new” life” Steven runs away or an incident involving an explosion will him or well... throw to another town where loses his memory and finds new friends that would help him figure out who is. He knows his name because of his cheeseburger backpack that came along with him at the time. Anyway this town is called “Oasis City” it's not in a desert if that is what you were thinking, it is on a island. This Island's wrap pad is broken as well but I will explain why later. In the explosion’s case: let's say it happened near a wrap pad which activated and then steven is thrown into by the blast. Anyway a boy called Marcus Comet finds Steven far away from the warp pad (he never finds or sees it) (and also the warp is buried under sand on the beach of Oasis City.) He carries Steven back to his beach house where only he and his Mom live. After learning that he has amnesia he eventually stay there to live with them for and steven’s quote “a little while”. He will after two weeks or so he would rediscover his gem-human hybrid powers and relearn them. Not sure how Marcus’s mother (Sarah) would react this (by this time she and steven would have a mother-son relationship). I know Marcus would be ecstatic about his best friends powers (again by this time he and steven are like brothers). Let go into more detail about his adopted family right now. Marcus’s mother used to be part of a traveling circus group called “The Three Speeding Comets” with her three sisters which were the Acrobats and Stunt Women of the Circus. After getting pregnant with Marcus she left her sisters ( on good terms) on their last and greatest act at Oasis City. She works now as a singer at one of Oasis Cities Largest Hotel. Marcus comes along with his mother during most shows and a plays music for her mothers act. Now Marcus, he is a clever and Curious boy of about Steven’s age. He loves his mother very much and considers Steven his brother. His knows as much as Steven about the world around him and…( dammit gots distracted). Anyway some will attract crystal monsters to the Island (how? why? not sure yet) also should I introduce a new love interest? I was thinking of a OC called Julie Cosmo ( after a while i found that name kind of stupid but i'm keeping it!). Bonus: I was thinking of putting Peridot on the Island so steven could encounter her. He would not remember her and so she would assume that he is another Steven gem there for making her lose a bit of her hostility. Eventually after a while she and Steven will become friends and that where my idea ends. Now for the main event during one stevens encountering battles with the crystal monsters he and Marcus are in a dire situation. In this emotional event steven and marcus hug goodbye and then fuse creating “Stark” think 12th doctor personality and clever while looking like Jack Sparrow...to be continued 10/25/2015 5:01pm

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