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Alright, new Penname, new start, and a new intro. So I better introduce myself, right?

I choose this Penname by my grandmother's maiden name and the name that could have been mine if I 'looked like a Valerie', but I didn't so this give me some sort of anonymity and makes a good Penname, don't you think?

Anyways, I was born in the spring of '91 and am a French Canadian as well as a young woman that like to both read and write. I like both manga and novels as well as documentaries and forum roleplaying, which I do often and sometimes get sick of because I write too much different plots and segments at once. I also like animals, and am cool with them as long as they are not deadly and within striking range, in the later case. I don't care much for bugs of any sort, however, so you can't say I am not a total animal lover.

I like music, Rock in particular and my favorite manga currently is Pandora Hearts, which I heartily recommend. I also liked Harry Potter a lot though I never could get through the sixth tome and thus only know the events beyond through reading fanfictions, and, therefore, spoilers. So sorry if I do some non canon things, but I love the world too much to not mess around and experiment with it :)!

I'm not big on romance, at least to write it, so don'T expect outright pairings in my fics, and expect all or nearly all of them to be Harry-Centric. My muse is also capricious, and I never managed to do more than completing short stories, anything more and the muse tend to become flighty. I will try though, but don't expect regularity from me, sorry!

Now that it's done, don't hesitate to send me a PM if you have something you wold like to see or even talk a bit about what you liked in my stories in the reviews, I try to be as friendly as possible on the internet. That said, have a good time reading my little fics!

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