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To drive is to feel; to race is to live.

Tip 9: "Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass." – Anton Chekhov

WARNING: Our stroker kits have been known to cause the following adverse effects, even when used properly: Please read this section fully before ordering.

Many customers have reported the following issues:

1. Extreme tire wear, especially in the rear.
2. Premature driveshaft failure.
3. Speeding Tickets.
4. Increased dry cleaning bills, especially for underwear.
5. Premature U-joint failure.
6. Learning to drive with tires boiling in all gears.
7. Unexplained smiling at the thoughts of taking your ride out next.
8. Plastic surgery bills to remove your "perma-smile"
9. Premature axle failure. (See above for a picture of this one!)
10. Annoyed neighbors from loud exhaust, screeching tires, late night wrenching sessions, etc.

If you experience any of these effects, please do not attempt treatment yourself. Do not call a medical professional for treatment advice. Proceed immediately to the nearest drag strip. Apply maximum acceleration repeatedly for 4-8 hours. Warning: This is only a temporary cure. You may find more frequent trips to the drag strip will become necessary. In test subjects, this behavior has been proven to become extremely habit forming. Frequent consultations with Visa and/or Mastercard may temporarily ease pain and suffering, however symptoms will almost certainly return with increased intensity. If this happens, reapply Visa, Mastercard and drag strip, in that order. Don't say we didn't warn you!! - courtesy of 440 Source.

My Leverage Stories.

I wrote a one-shot way back in 2016 called Country Song. It was just supposed to be a short happy ending story for Eliot. I did intend to add a chapter eventually, and then I finally did about a week ago. That brought my muse back to life. The first story in Eliot and A.B’s stories is Country Song, though certain aspects of the story are coming out a little differently now that I'm writing it.

In order they are:

Country Song. Completed.

Someone Like You. Completed.

Oklahoma Boy. In progress.

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