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Hello everyone!

I am just another writer eager to express herself and present her ideas to the whole wide world. I have many interests, but the main reason I joined this site was to read innovative stories about my favourite mangas/animes. At first. Then I wandered off to other sections of this site and my fate has been decided. Which brings me to my next point: I have a serious problem. There are just too many things out there that I like. Books, music, films/TV shows... I better not start a list because that list would be enormous, I'm afraid. (Hm, this may be the reason why I've never attempted making one; my subconscious knew it would be utterly silly haha.)

Another thing you have to know about me is that English is not my native language, therefore you should expect some grammatical errors in my stories. Please forgive me in advance :

I am not really picky about genres as long as the story is entertaining and includes my fandoms. So yeah, I am planning to settle down here for quite a while. *brings out popcorn, tissues and puts the kettle on* Oh yes. I love drama. I crave it.

Well, this was me in a nutshell and I hope you're not too disappointed by ending up on my profile ;O


P.S. Check out my stories, they are superb ;)

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