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hola my chickens!!!!!

What's shaken? Ya I'm what we call a lazy ass. If I ever finally decide to start a story I can never get past the first chapter. Ya lil problem I have but maybe one day. Cross your fingers!!!!!

Well I am doing a co-author thingie right now although it's under luthien eowyn, my sister's name. Check it out it's pretty spiffy if I do say so myself.

Please press the * key to leave a fax.Thats what Hannah/luthien just said. Pretty spiffy eh?

Oh ya and she says that I should also tell you the story is called Past the Point of No Return. Ya we're really obsessed w PotO. Please do NOT mistake w OotP. Ya if your confused just me on blackolive122 or something. I could always use a new friend. : ) ^_^ ; )

Yah ok hold on cause Im gonna go hunt for some chips n salsa!! My Favorite!!!!!!

Back!! Yuuummmyyy

Ok well I might put up a story some other time and then well all be happy. i think.

well buh bye until we meet again

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