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Things I like... hmm... Icecream, Dragons, and Books. Those are the three main elements of my existence.

Unfortunately, links don't feel like working right, so have these

NaNoWriMo: Nickel Hunter


Tumblr: thepigeoning

Figment: Ripple Effect

Personal Notes:

1. When Plot Bunnies attack, dear heavens, run.

I have at least a dozen gnawing my head right now and they're like little children, they all try to scream louder than the others to be heard by the poor, coffee addicted parent (me) and they run away if you ignore them for long enough. Don't let them run away, because then you'll be insanely sorry when you can't remember that one thing that sounded really smart at the time.

2. Please don't hesitate to be truthful with your reviews, it means a lot to me to get both positive and negative feedback on my stories (Honestly I'm happy to get any feedback at all, I love you guys) because all I'm hearing is crickets on the other writing site I'm on. They don't appreciate fanfiction as much there.

3. I enjoy a good story and I believe that if your heart is committed to a story, there no bad ideas when you're brainstorming for it, because you have the best interest of the story in mind.

You're all my favourites. YOU. I MEAN IT.

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