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Name: Steven J. Hill

Age: 19 Sex: Male

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IMPORTANT: So I’ve decided to stop trying to write these fanficions as they have kept me up at night, giving me anxiety almost every night, and left me feeling depressed more times than I’d like. So due to these factors and a desire to have good mental health, I have ceased writing fanfics. Despite that, I’ll still help (if I am available) as a beta reader if you simply ask.

Additionally, on March 27, 2018, I will no longer be available for anything really as I will be gone for 2 years as a missionary for the LDS church.

"All happiness comes with a price. Whether it be you or someone else who pays, it does not matter. I'll pay this price, for true friends are eternal." Steven Hill

"Though your heart hurts, though you want to cry, you put up a bold front and smile. It's not goodbye, but a promise to meet again."Steven Hill

"At the end of the Darkness, you find the Time you went through to be but a dream, as if you were floating through the Sky this whole time, only to arrive at the end." Steven Hill

"Who determines who's evil and who's not? Is it our mind? Those around us? Or something else? Each person to ever do evil has either had a mental disorder or wanted revenge for being wronged or wanted to seem better then those around them. Each has a reason, many are just the result of mistreatment or manifested anger. But that brings me to another question: are they really evil?" Steven Hill

"Gifts, it's really not about what the gift is, but the meaning behind that. The gift could be a rock given to you by your 7 year old sister. It may not be much, and you might just brush it off, or even not accept it. You may even treat her horribly and hate just about everything about her. But what if that little sister died, that small, seemingly meaningless gift, could become the very thing you cherish most. Because that is the last thing you have to remember her by. A small rock.." Steven Hill

"'Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.' This one line holds a very true meaning. Courage can turn dreams into reality, but there is a fine line between courage, and recklessness." Steven Hill and Richter (From Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World)

"Compassion is a emotion that can easily be overlooked. It may be a "good" emotion, but it can also be a curse." Steven Hill

"When you reach a crossroads, you can be given any number of paths. The choice may be hard, and could even be wrong, but remember this, you can always forge your own path." Steven Hill

"'Why do I write?' I ask myself this at times. 'It's not like many people really care about my stories. Very few of them even review with more then a "good job"!' I would think soon after, but then the reason for why I write would appear, clearing away my doubts and frustrations. 'That's right... I write for myself, and to tell the story of my dreams." Steven Hill

"Life is but a fleeting moment, but that "fleeting moment" could make all the differences for future lives. So if you can't live for yourself, live for everyone else." Steven Hill

"I will live for you, I will protect you, I will die for you." I said holding my hand out to her. "Why? Because I love you." Steven Hill

"As you walk down a hall, you feel it may never end, but when you reach the end, you find more then one path before you. Life is like this, it will deceive you into thinking there is only one path, when in reality, there are many. Choices are what we humans are gifted with. Your choice determines your paths in life. So there really is no right or wrong choice, just the path you chose. Just remember, every path has repercussions even if they are "good". So go, and choose your path." Steven Hill

"Pain is but a indicator of injury, both emotional, and physical. Death is a part of life that none can avoid. But it is because of these things that we can grow even more as a person." Steven Hill

"I have lit up the Darkness. I have surpassed the boundaries of Time. I have discovered the secrets of the Sky. I have broken Space. I have found the darkness in the Light. I have conquered Death. I have endured Life. But the End is not in sight." Steven Hill

I wrote all this? -Steven Hill


Friends Reunited: (Cancelled)

Friends Reunited (Rewritten): Chapter 8 (Cancelled)

PMD Explorers of Life: Steven's Story: (Cancelled... Partially. Will rewrite when I finish my main story... Or integrate it in.)

Mixing Realities Series: (Cancelled)

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