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soal menulis fantic aku tidak yakin dengan kemampuan ku jadi aku membaca aja deh

1 story i like is been abandon and the author just abandon the account i didn't know until i read the profile'. i wish someone adopt story from jinx777 (The Grimm).

Yang baca di adult fanfiction yang indo pasti udah tau pagi ini acess ke sana udah di blokir Ama program internet sehat. Tutup situs porno boleh aja tapi aku takut fanfiction kena imbas juga.

Special Note: A writer in this site who goes by the name “Shirou Fujimura” is currently going through a huge crisis. His mother has an ovarian cyst and she needs surgery to get it removed. The surgery is very costly and he had set up a gofundme page.

Here is the link: gofundme single-mom-has-to-have-surgery-asap

All I can do is to ask my readers to help anyway they can. *


UchihaMadara1997 is plagiarist, just about every story that he has ‘written’ was stolen from another author without their permission. Some of them are even completed fics. I advise you to send a report email to support so we can get rid of this thief. You can see all the fics he stole below.

Noodlehammer’s “Reaching for a Dream” retitled to “Whatever it Takes”

Hidamura’s “The Will of Fire Still Burns” retitled to “The Legend of Fire”

pudgypudge’s “An Uzumaki Amongst the Dunes” retitled to “Forsaken”.

KyuubiGoku’s “The Ultimate Dojustu” retitled to “The Betrayed Hero”.

Stop supporting this thief.

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