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Claymore / Naruto / Soul Calibur crossover challenge
Naruto with the skills of Quick Sword Irene and Phantom Maria meaning Irene's Quick Sword technique and Maria's ability to make phantoms of herself
Naruto's personality should be a mix of theirs
Trained by their spirits to fight like them
They be his ancestors
Left the Leaf village or Konohagakure at young age to control his power
Start at wave mission (flashback at start if you want to give a bit of Naruto's past)
Has a twin sister
Still is Kyuubi vessel
Pairing: Shizuka, Cassandra and Sophitia from Soul Calibur 3, and Naruto's twin sister (Irene and Maria are optional if you can give them permanent body)
Married to Shizuka, Cassandra and Sophitia from Soul Calibur 3, and if given a permanent body Irene and Maria before returning to the Leaf village no honeymoon until then
No Japanese translations or words except for -kun, -chan, -san, and village names everything else should be English wording
Only Claymore appearances is the two women, the weapons, and armor
Only refer to yoma in name
Shizuka, Irene, Maria (only if you decide on giving Maria a permenant body same with Irene), and the sisters must return with him
You can do whatever you want to Nadeshiko village
Stay in the Naruto universe
Use Irene, Maria, or both for giving Naruto experience with women in all aspects lemons allowed with Naruto and the one chosen
Academy graduation age should be 14-15
Naruto's appearance after his training should be tamed red hair with blond streaks and silver eyes with blue and green specks (should only change to gold with slit pupil when angry)
His symbol should be original
Should still have the whisker marks on his cheeks
Trained at the ruins of Uzushiogakure or Whirlpool
Trained in the real world by giving Irene and Maria temporary bodies
Heavy Sasuke, Sakura, Elder Council and Civilian Council bashing
Only Minato, Kushina, Jiriya, Naruto's sister, Shizuka and Naruto knows that he is the Kyuubi's vessel
Kill off the Elder Council, Danzo included, and both Sasuke and Sakura before the Chunin Exams and put Naruto and Shizuka in a team with Naruto's sister
If you want to make him a bit overpowered then make him immune to genjutsu
Naruto doesn't use jutsu
When Cassandra and Sophitia meet and marry Naruto is your decision as long as its before he returns to the leaf village

Naruto/ Escaflowne Crossover
Naruto must be transported to the Escaflowne universe and be adopted by Vans family during Kyuubis attack.
Naruto must be transported during Kyuubis sealing.
Minato and Kushina live, Sarutobi sealed the Kyuubi into Naruko Narutos sister.
Saves Naryia and Eriya returns to his own world when Team Seven is at wave before they face Zabuza the second time with the sisters.
Must be paired with them.
Optional for the pairing: Yugito, Nibi, and/or Yugao (if used any one, two or all three can be used but if Yugito is used then Nibi has to be used).
Naruko must take Naruto's place on Team Seven.
Must have alot of Sasuke/Sakura bashing as well as Cilvilian Councile and Elder bashing.
Lemons optional.
Rating your choice but if there are any lemons to be added then it must be M-rated.
Must start at Wave mission but can have a small flashback of Kyuubi's attack and Naruto's adoption before the mission.
Naruto must be a skilled swordsman and have a sword like the one Escaflowne has.
Has a dragon summoning contract with a dragon-mode Escaflowne as boss summoning.
Danzo must be die during or after Kyuubis attack.
No villians from Escaflowne.
Naruto must be the one to kill Zabuza and Haku and Naryia and Eriya be the ones to kill Gato and his thugs.
When Team Seven, Naruto, Naryia and Eriya return to the Leaf Village Naruto, Naryia and Eriya must be put on the same team with Kushina as sensei.
Naruto, Naryia and Eriya must be married (before or after returning to the Naruto universe {if after must before the Chunin Exams}).
Have a few flashbacks but none must be a chapter long or end a chapter.
Naruto And Naruko must be twins.
Please PM me if you want this story.

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