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Dunno if anyone checks here, but I'm not dead (as of 3/1/24), just plinking away at a bunch of different ideas.

And since it's my guilty pleasure, every one of them is an isekai in some form or fashion.

In the works:

TPATS - Codename 'HBO'.
Who remembers how I described the 'Take It Or Leave It' half of the epilogue? I used terms related to the Watchmen comic to describe it. The epilogue, up to 'I am the End' was fully 'canon' (as far as the word can be applied to a fanfiction, but I digress). Everything after that was Take It Or Leave It, and I described it like how Watchmen had two sequels of wildly different executions: The comic, Doomsday Clock, and the HBO show... Watchmen.
I did that on purpose - see, what I put up, T/LI with the Dark Matter lyrics, that was Doomsday Clock - which, if you're unfamiliar with the material, is briefly described as 'The world took Rorschach's journal seriously.'
But there's also another way the ending of Watchmen was interpreted... That of the HBO show. Where his journal... Wasn't taken so seriously. And the world spun on and out of control as it does in these kind of stories, but in a wildly different way than to the Doomsday Clock story.

The Pen and the Sword simply hasn't left my mind in the years since I've finished it, and that's for two major reasons. One I learned recently, and I'll get into when the time is right, and the other... Well, the other is because there's a second way to interpret the ending. The HBO way.
As it turns out... We're not done with Aldric quite yet. I think I've got one more thing ready for him.
No solid word on when, but I'm going to start putting pen to paper on this, I've got ideas, and references galore, of course. I'm going to see where this goes, but I've got a basic outline already in my head.

With Pride - 40K/Mass Effect Crossover.
Believe it or not - not an Isekai!
Mass Effect and Warhammer 40K are two of my all time favorite Sci-Fi settings, and while I've seen a lot of attempts to fuse them, I've never seen something really do it for me.
Well, aside from Hammerhand - that story kicked ass, but even then that wasn't necessarily what I look for when I check ME/40K Crossovers. That was a squad of Space Marines replace Shaprd - not Shepard as the 2nd or 11th Primarch. Don't get me wrong, there are a bevy of 'Primarch Shepard' crossovers, in which Shepard is one of the Lost and the Damned Primarchs, but not only do extremely few of them ever make it past the Mass Effect segment, they tend to focus more on changing things and making Shepard a badass 'because Primarch' as opposed to what I personally would look for in a crossover like this - a fusion of worlds and a battle of wills and ideals. Mass Effect, at its core, is about hope and the wonder of space exploration - whereas 40K is about the exact opposite: Fear and defying a hostile universe. After all, "There is a god of Hope, and the god of Hope is evil." Furthermore, even the most ruthless of Renegade Shepards is still all about strength through unity - they're just willing to sacrifice a lot more in the name of survival. To say nothing of the Paragon Shepards, whom gameplay statistics show most of us played as the first time through.
So I've always wanted to see a story that has a Primarch Shepard experience the story and world of Mass Effect in a way fans would recognize it - the entire trip from his origings through to Mass Effect 3's Reaper Invasion. Primarch Shepard's 'Primarch Quest' (like how Dorn and Guilliman brought their worlds to space, the Khan conquered his world and then let it go for funsies, and Fulgrim seduced a planet through rhetoric) was the Reaper War. When that finishes, then the Imperium shows up - and how would any Shepard, from the brightest Paragon to the most ruthless Renegade, react to the realities of the Imperium, even the Great Crusade era?
That's the goal of this story - do whatever's necessary to cook up a Mass Effect trilogy that mirrors what we know and love exactly, but place a Primarch in Shepard's place, and then when he finishes fighting that fire, pour gasoline on everything and introduce the Imperium.
I'd keep going, but why spoil all the fun?

Were That There Were Twenty - Warhammer 40k.
A Primarch Isekai, my goal here is to play a lot with large-scale (See: Interstellar) world building, logistics, the frankly insane nature of Warhammer Tech even in the 31st Millennium, and to set up an Isekai using solely in-universe means, while having the specter of 'will something change, or will fate not be denied' hanging over everything, given that there are, canonically, two Primarchs we don't know anything about, so anything could feasibly go, here. I would love to go further into detail as to plot, but even revealing the one basic question that prompted the story would irrevocably spoil a lot of what I intend to do with it.

Star Wars - The Wildcard.
In which a Force Sensitive ('cause c'mon, you can't have a Star Wars OC/I without them being a Jedi, it's wish every kid's wish fulfilment dream) Isekai's into a Galaxy Far, Far Away, grows up during the period before the Clone Wars, and constantly - and I mean constantly - grapples with the question of whether or not free will exists in a universe where God demonstrably does exist, and has been manipulating the fate of an entire galaxy since the beginning of time, as well as the fact that the answer to this question determines what - if anything - he's capable of with regards to altering the fate of said universe.

Destiny - A Different Kind of Traveller.
A story that is kind of an isekai, but also isn't, but really is, but really isn't. We follow a Risen from the moments right before his Ghost finds him on through his adventures through the post-Collapse Sol, as the universe does its level best to continue to remind him that despite all appearances, Destiny is a very dark setting. Also: Sarcastic Robot Best Friends are the best kind of friends. This is a story in which I have a lot of toys I want to play with, but I haven't yet strung together an endgame to reach towards.

Avatar - Memoirs of a Wanderer
In which some random shmuck falls asleep watching TV, then wakes up being born in the world of Avatar. Problem: He hasn't watched the show since he was a kid, and it isn't until he's in his mid teens and identified as the Avatar that he even realizes he recognizes the world he's in, and since he initially suspected he'd just been reincarnated in Earth's past, he never wrote down what he could remember of his home - thus almost all of his meta-knowledge is gone. Further complicating matters is that of what little he's certain, he knows at the very least that he's a long time before any events he'd recognize - thus hanging the question over him: Was this pure, random, chance? Or something a bit more sinister? This story is primarily going to explore two major themes: The Avatar as a political figure, and the Isekai as a very scientific man being confronted by a very spiritual world.

Overlord: The Third Law
My highest priority 'get this done' story, as the tools in the Overlord setting allow me to craft and experiment with something that is mission critical to my own, original setting. Also unique in that while it's technically an Isekai, technically an OC/I, it's not like any of the above or anything else I've written, as even more than WTTWT, it stays firmly within the bounds of the setting. The main character isn't some random fan of the anime getting dropped into the New World, he's another player from Yggdrasil who, like Momonga, stayed until the end and got dragged along for the ride. One overriding quote is providing the theme for this story, borrowed and edited from The Elder Scrolls: "A King Who Sees In Someone Else, An Equal, Rules Over Nothing."

RWBY - The Path Not Taken
For the TPATS fans out there, I still haven't put this idea down and keep revisiting it from time to time, because while I'm honestly not a fan of the show anymore, and haven't been since even before I finished TPATS, the setting and characters still fascinate me, and completely inverting the original premise of the story is an interesting prospect, as it would - among other things - let me play with one of my personal favorite concepts in fanfiction, best summarized by George Lucas' quote: "It's like poetry, they rhyme." - Fanfiction, especially A/U fanfics or Isekai fics, have fascinating opportunities to tell wildly different stories that still 'rhyme' with what occurs in canon, and TPNT specifically would allow me to play with this idea as regards Aldric himself and whether or not completely inverting his base standing in the world - taking him away from the villains and planting him in the hands of the good guys - would change anything in the end. Similarly, revisiting this story and the world as I put it together in TPATs would also allow for some interesting tension for returning readers - the best example of which being any time Ozma shows up on screen, as in TPATS I specifically wrote him in such a way that his origins and morality were up to the reader to interpret. Was he a hero? Was he a villain? Was he even a liar? There is no definitive answer, and as such, returning readers will always remain on the defensive when he shows up, and that's just one example of how I can play with the very nature of the story. The major holdup here, besides the fact that, as much as I would relish the chance to play with the setting and characters again, is that I'm not terribly fond of the idea of fanfics of fanfics, and that the way I've determined this would be executed would require a few things to happen in a certain way that I'm not terribly confident in feeling natural, so I'm still idling here, this isn't something I'm putting down, but it's not something I'm picking up and running with either.
I can say one thing for certain though: I've come up with the framing device for this story, which diegetically allows it to exist alongside TPATS, explains why it exists at all, and even gives just the briefest glimpse into the post-Epilogue world, and I'm rather fond of what I came up with, there.

TPATS 'What If's and Omakes'
Similarly, this is something I haven't put down yet, but as I said previously, this isn't a priority as much as it is a toy to play with. I can at least say that as of late, I've been leaning in a MasakoX 'What If?' style approach for these things - which is to say, broad strokes image painting as opposed to a down and dirty moment to moment storytelling. This would allow me to get across the general idea of the What If's as I see them, without getting bogged down in the sudden realization that this one or two chapters I'd initially thought of turned into a dozen-plus chapter beast.

Something Zelda Related:
Full disclosure, I've got nothing for this except a dream - The Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite and most cherished settings, so dammit, I'd love to do something here. I keep revisiting the desire to come to this setting, I've had a dream to come here since before I published my Naruto story, and TOTK's release has only rekindled this desire. More than likely in the BOTW era, as such a thing would allow an Isekai access to technology, and if possible I'd like to limit his 'advantages' as much as I could, perhaps to just having access to a Sheikah Slate, but the bottom line is I don't know - as I said before, I've got nothing for this except a dream.

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