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HP obsessed fan. first thing i love friendships more than pairing. so i dont like any story where the author breaks friendship specially between James and sirius and the Golden Trio.

The three Pairing i love the most: Ron-Hermoine, Harry-Ginny and James-Lily.

I simply hate Harry-Hermione pairing. they are supposed to be like siblings so no Harry-Hermione.

for me all real pairing are fine. a little deviating like Naville- Luna or Draco-any girl doesn't affect me but major changes does.

Another pairing i feel disgusted is Severus-Lily. anything but not them. I dont like too much Dumbledore bashing. a little will do. but comparing him with Voldemort is an insult to HP series. He had his flaws but he was still a far better person. I hate people making Dumbledore a villain and voldemort just a misguided soul. I mean really. he killed so many people. atleast Dumbledore tried his best to save people.

I dont like Mrs Weasley too much but bashing her too much, showing her a control freak trying to control everything is not upto my taste. Weasley bashing except Percy is a big big NO for me. For God sake- They were Harry's family. They took him despite all the troubles. Harry didn't do any favour to them remember. it's not till the end of second year.

James-Sirius mild bashing tolerable but making them outright villain too show Snape a goody goody is disgusting. It's not like that James pranks made him join death-eaters. Those people who think James as villain need some reality check. Snape was a person who hated a person who is dead partially due to his fault. he continued hating James even after his death. and people hate James based on Snape's memories. why not show James memories. they simply go for Snape's memories making him a hero and James-Sirius a villain. i dont like such stories.

People liking Draco over Ron is another intolerable thing for me. Ron was far better person for me. so i dont like stories in which they make Draco as Harry's friend and Ron a loser. Sorry i wont read those stories. Ron bashers forget many times when Ron put his life in danger for Harry. remember going after Voldemort in first year or shouting at Sirius to kill them before reaching to Harry. easy forgettable, ehh?

I hate Ginny Bashing. Wat has she done, man. she just loved Harry. SO WHAT? So many others do. why not hate everyone. Another type of stories which I hate in which they go on showing Ginny immature, selfish and Evil. For me she was Awesome.

So this is about me. I love original pairings and friendships too much that i stop reading stories who does diversion from real pairings. specially Ron-Hermione and Harry-Ginny and James-Lily.

The bestest stories I would recommend to anyone:-

Performance in a Leading Role Performance in a Leading Role:- John-Sherlock's story. this one is really awesome. about Hollywood. You will get to know many things about Hollywood.

The Path to Heaven (Runs Through Miles of Clouded Hell):- The Path to Heaven (Runs Through Miles of Clouded Hell) :- Loki-Tony Stark. This is a heart wrenching story where Loki chases soul of his love for many births.

'I' series of MarauderLover7- harry potter series. The bestest Harry Potter fictions ever written. Innocent, Initiate, Identity. Desperately waiting for 4th in the series.

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